Mr. Obama: You’re Wrong!

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Still stuck in your 4-week-old delusion? You said: “America has lost ambition and imagination.” Remember? You prodded businesses to “Do the things that built the Golden Gate Bridge and the Hoover Dam. Unleash all the potential in this country!”  


Well, you’re wrong,


Mr.Obama. The only thing


America has lost is


leadership. And the only


thing lacking in America’s


30 million small businesses


is trust in YOU!



I hear every single day from clients, associates, business friends and neighbors that YOU, Mr. Obama, are what’s wrong with this country! You have continuously chosen to ignore small business in America, when even those who surround you admit that only small business can reverse your dying economy!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that job creation is what will turn us around, and it shouldn’t take much more than the feeble skills of a community organizer to see that new job creation comes exclusively from small business. That means genuine (real and guaranteed) innovation and job creation tax incentives for small business.

It is YOU, Mr. Obama, who have seen fit to wipe out the financial and free choice futures of our children and grandchildren with your foolish and misguided healthcare plan. It is YOU who have single-handedly dismantled our peace through preparedness military, rendering us more vulnerable to terrorism than ever before in history.

Not only that, you have literally made America the laughing stock of other emerging nations on the planet. Your programs for social reform have created nothing but dependencies and joblessness. You have made our economic future a bleak one. Your political priorities have always taken a front seat to our nation’s well-being.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where “30 million” came from when your administration counts only 20 million? Talk with your statiticians who –obviously following your lead– chose to simply not legitimize sole work-at-home proprietors as “real” small businesses. I, for one, am one, and make a living at it, and pay taxes for the privilege.

You have misled this country and the small business universe that makes it go. You appear to all the world as a clown, “The Emperor With No Clothes,” who chooses self-indulgence and self-aggrandizement over the needs of those who elected him. You have done injustice to those who trusted and believed in your empty promises.

Small business owners are sickened by your failures, but we DO have a choice: November 6, 2012! 


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