Don’t Wait ‘Til Christmas!

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You’re thinkin’ maybe


2012 will be better?



If you’re thinking 2012 will be better, and you’ve decided to wait until the new year to kick into gear, you lose! That’s like saying you’re gonna quit smoking (drinking, doing drugs, eating so much) for the new year.

What’s happened to “now”? The “new year”? In case you haven’t noticed, it’s not 2012 yet! Or, perhaps you’re planning to be sick  for Christmas so you can avoid another dysfunctional family gathering?

Maybe you’re a big White House fan and figure –since 2009, 2010, and 2011 have’nt exactly been big economic rebound years– that 2012 will be Obama’s year of small business enlightenment? Don’t hold your breath. He’s proven he prefers union-vote paybacks and government splurging over championing the entrepreneurial spirit that built America.  

He prefers sharing the money you work hard for with those who choose their flat screen TVs and living room sofas over legitimate employment. Hey– free food, free medical care, free education, free cash– who can fault them? Ain’t Socialism wonderful?

So if you’ve worked hard all your life and earn a respectable living, pay your bills, give to charity, and are struggling to make ends meet with your business, don’t expect any sudden shifts in allegiance or respect or support from those in control. You’re just one of 30 million.

Here’s the bottom line:

Your Fairy Godmother

is not on the way.

Yes, the treuth hurts. Sorry about that.

Just in case you were keeping a low profile in your business with the hope and expectations that a more super-sized, more charged-up environment and marketplace is on the way, smack yourself along side the head, take a long hard look in the mirror and measure yourself up against these 5 steps

 . . . 5 things you need to do:

1.  Something instead of nothing. (In business and personal development, some action always beats no action!)

2.  Stop choosing excuses because you’re lazy. Waiting until the new year (or Christmas!) to jumpstart your sluggish enterprise is an excuse. Surprise yourself . . . start tonight or first thing tomorrow morning.

3.  Stop telling all those who work with you (employees, partners, family members, investors, referrers, suppliers, community members) about all the great promise “in store” for next year. Instead step it up now. Now.

4.  Put away the fantasyland thinking that you’ve used to convince yourself that you have time because nthere’s all the rest of October, and all of November and December to plan and get ready for some 2012 launches.

5.  Realize that even with –prayfully– a new administration in Washington to be elected on November 6, 2012, it won’t have any authority until January 2013. And it will likely take another 2-3 years to UN-do the mess Mr. O has put us all in. If your business is hurting now, it won’t survive another year or two, or three, of empty promises.


You really CAN walk the talk, you know. You’ve done it to get this far. It’s all a matter of choice. If you think it’s too hard, it will be. THAT is a choice as well. Choose to make it easy. Choose to make your business work NOW, and imagine how great it will be when we have national leadership that appreciates and respects small business!


Footnote: If you think this is a “lecture,” you are either too far gone to see the value of what’s represented, and probably shouldn’t be surfing blogs looking for inspiration that you won’t follow through with anyway, OR you have needed a good swift kick in the butt . . . I hope this served the purpose. Remember what your grandpa (and Thomas Jefferson) said about not putting off ’til tomorrow what you can do today?                               

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