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“Childish” President


is Using America’s


30 Million


Small Business Owners to 


Play Politics Instead of


Fix the Economy 



Okay, so just a couple of hours after this post was written, the man has backed down from his one-upmanship scheduling of his “Jobs Speech” and will instead deliver it the following night. While I’d like to think my post and others had some impact, truth is that Mr. O realized a bigger better political advantage to moving his appointed time out from under the GOP Debate.

The bottom line is nothing else in this post changes: Don’t expect anything new, and don’t expect jobs to come begging for employees. You can be certain more taxes are on the way to fund the man’s extremist plans to spread the wealth . . . and now, of course, to spread the fantasy jobs!


Mr. O has suddenly scheduled what will inevitably be great oratory on our catastrophic quagmire of an economy –that he has compounded at every turn and hasn’t been able to do a single constructive thing about since 2008 — for 8PM, Sept. 7th.

He takes a childish posture in setting his stage at precisely the same time as the long-planned GOP Presidential Candidate’s debate . . . and then he says the responses to his one-upmanship are “childish.”

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black?


Why should we small business owners and entrepreneurs and managers care?

First, because business owners want to hear how other Presidential candidates plan to fix the economy that Mr. Obama has failed to fix.  

Second, because it’s been proven ad nauseam and reinforced by every economist worth her or his salt that the only road to economic recovery is for government to WHOLEHEARTEDLY support and encourage new business job development by entrepreneurs.



The White House knows this and has intentionally ignored thousands of opportunities to initiate tax incentives for new business job creation and tax incentives for new business innovation (leading to job creation). So, why now? November 6, 2012 is right around the corner. Why a Sept. 7th 8pm speech? Because politics beats reality.

No need to be a brain surgeon to understand this. Any small business owner or legitimately unemployed person gets the reality of it. Why doesn’t the White House? This hyped up speech will –I guarantee– be about nothing realistic. The opportunity for that has already come and gone more times than the EverReady Rabbit! 

Mr. O will pay token attention to small business, but never reach out a true helping hand. He will bury nice-sounding words in meaningless rhetoric. And therein lies the problem:

America needs jobs. New small business provides virtually all new jobs. America’s 30 million small business owners do not trust Mr. Obama. Period.

Why should anyone capable ofr creating new jobs create new jobs because of promises from a man who has a long track-record of not keeping promises? I create 50 new jobs because the government assures me of new job salary rebates or some other fantasyland benefit. The promise collapses. I am stuck with 50 people I can’t afford.



The Issue Is TRUST.

This White House has failed to earn the trust of small business over and over and over again.

Without trust, there can be no relationship.

There can be no deal.

There can be no forward movement.

There can be no salvaging The Great Obama Depression.

There can be no economic recovery.


There can, and undoubtedly will be a lot of talk and a lot of smiles and a lot of handshakes and reassuring references and pats on the back. But –mark my words– it will all be for show. This is simply one more campaign op! Surely the Republican Debate will crank out more business-friendly job creation proposals.

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