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Entrepreneurial Success

Comes Only to Those Who Are

True to Themselves

Wearing a mask may help keep you and those around you safe from COVID, but too many entrepreneurs have falsely convinced themselves that they need to mask-up to be someone other than who they really are in order to succeed.

I can assure you, having worked as a lifelong business coach, trainer, author, professor, broadcaster, and entrepreneur myself, that being who you truly are is what will deliver success every time. It led you to where you are now. And persistence with just being yourself will take you into, through, and past your next conquest.

This is not to suggest you start a sudden campaign to be stuck in the mud, or adamant about accepting other’s thinking, or charge blindly ahead and blow off suggestions that you change your ways. What I’m saying here is to stay fixed on your pursuits, but remain open-minded about accepting others’ input.

The world’s greatest entrepreneurs have achieved success by being inspired and determined. But, like money, inspiration doesn’t grow on trees. It comes from asking genuine questions, listening carefully, and then:taking action –not just about what to avoid and why, but by acting on the spirit of your intent and what you learn.

Yes, COVID has changed things, but for true entrepreneurs the whole mask/unmask interruption in life has prompted new ways of thinking and doing business. The end result has prompted entrepreneurs to reassess and reevaluate what they’re doing, what they’ve adjusted, and where they’re headed.

No matter what your business thoughts and pursuits were prior-pandemic, the reality of what’s to be faced right now—today—must take priority. Take inventory with your self, your family, your staff, customers/clients/patients and other businesses that surround you, both physically and conceptually. Then go for it!

Decide what you want and where you want to be by when. Give yourself a “working deadline” to help discipline yourself and motivate the support of others. Times have changed. Great business ideas may no longer be good enough to stand on their own. Think about all that’s happened and not happened since your first “masking up.”

You must know in your heart of hearts that if ever there was a time for your business interest pursuits to rise to the occasion, it’s NOW! The point is that your big idea can only happen with your guidance and perseverance and receptivity to others and to new ways of thinking and doing!

So what’s the answer? Start with a dozen slow deep breaths (yes, really!) and (most important of all) a receptive attitude. Then move forward by soliciting input from existing employees, existing customers, supportive friends and family. Take it all in. Make notes. Then make use of what you learn!

If it feels like everyone is telling you your prices are too high or the quality of your products/services is too low, pay attention! Don’t argue. Don’t refute. Don’t make excuses. Don’t make faces or gesture dismissively. Don’t disregard any input. Think it through. Put it to work. You can do it! You got to where you are, didn’t you? ###

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