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Hal Alpiar
SPOTLIGHTING HAL'S BACKGROUND-- Career writer; national book award winner; radio host; publisher; management trainer; editor-in-chief; professor-of-the year award winner; two federal appointments to SBA Advisory Council; national marketing award winner; National Committee for Quality Health Care. SPOTLIGHTING HAL'S PRESENT COMMUNITY PURSUIT-- Launching and soliciting support for a "Tales On Wheels" (converted schoolbus) mobile classroom to teach book appreciation, creative writing and stand-up presentation skills to "academically-undernourished" children in the State of Delaware. Though it's proudly "The First State" in the U.S., Delaware is ranked 44th worst out of 50 in literacy, with just 6 out of 10 graduating high school. SPOTLIGHTING HAL'S PRESENT PUBLISHING PURSUIT-- Preparing to launch major new publishingt, worldwide distribution and marketing campaign targeting the pre-sales and apres-publishing sales of Hal's first novel, HIGH TIDE. Twelve years in the making, this exciting and humorous action love story has been re-written over thirty times and is now ready for print and electronic transmission. A major publishing house stands ready along with the world's biggest book distribution company. Marketing is expected to start in September. Stay tuned for updates and return to this site often for one-time Special package sale opportunities!

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