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Here’s Mr. O’s idea of business . . . 


Everyone gives all the



shirts off their backs



to everyone else. Hard



work and individual



initiatives count for





Sorry, Mr. O, but –speaking as a long established advocate of entrepreneurship and small business– we the 30 million small business owners of America have had enough!

Yes, we are the same 30 million people you refuse to acknowledge . . . the same 30 million who made this economy thrive before you came on the scene and made a mountain out of President Bush’s molehill. We are the same 30 million people who hold the key to new job creation and economic turnaround.

Yet, STILL, you refuse and resist us because your empty, naive, ill-conceived crusade to sell out our heritage in exchange for Europe’s failing Socialism is your last desperate attempt to get re-elected. The trouble is, Mr. O, that your political games cannot speak to the realities of life, nor to pulling ourselves out of incipient bankruptcy.

You, Mr. O, “The Emperor With No Clothes,” have falsely led our nation straight into a nearly irreversible economic quagmire of historic proportions, and small business owners have been the victims.

Honest, hard-working people have been victimized into unemployment lines.

Children have been misled.

Seniors are threatened.  


Even those who bought into your oratory to elect you, are running scared. The Great Obama Deptression is on the doorstep, knocking. It is no longer a myth. And you are the force behind all the unnecessary pain and suffering. Yet, you continue STILL to unmercifully and relentlessly push the steamroller over small business enterprises.

But, you know what, Mr. O?The reason small businesses exist in the first place is because of the freedom our unappreciated military provides 24/7 — the brave young men and women who serve us, to whom you give only token photo op and sound bite attention– and because of America’s indestructible entrepreneurial spirit!

No matter how hard you try— you can never destroy entrepreneurship. New businesses continue to arise every day, even from the rubble your policies create. Entrepreneurial spirit will continue to grow in spite of all your efforts to suppress it.

Every step you take to kill the free market capitalism that built this country to start with, will be met with even more free market capitalism efforts and resistance. It will continue to emerge and be rebuilt again once the November 6, 2012 election ousts you from the national stage once and for all.

Only then, will we 30 million American small business owners exhale and get back to the business of kicking the framework out from under your delusional healthcare efforts and pathetic international relations programs. Only then will we see a nation restored to true leadership and purpose that serves ALL the people.

In case you may have missed it, your sadly misguided administration has been so preoccupied catering to your voter constituencies, it has missed the majority, who are no longer remaining silent.

Your 11/6/12 loss will come from your own lack of leadership and your focus on politics instead of government.

Your loss will be from building dependencies at all costs.

Good luck with your support base of illegal immigrants, Welfare roll recipients, union thugs, screaming nutcase left-wing liberals, Hollywood braindeads, and –sadly, but true and unspoken– black Americans who now see that you are not a savior after all. (You never could fill Dr. King’s shoes anyway!)

Mean-spirited babble? No. It’s the truth. It’s how history books will see your one-term destruction and the downfall of business which undermined your mismanagement of the economy. Small business will rise again and lead America out of the financial quicksand that you brought with you to the White House.    

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