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The Healthcare Revolution


is Coming!

How can you best prepare yourself, your practice

and career path NOW for the steadily increasing

demands being made on you as we move closer

to 2020… and beyond?


Just $19.95 plus tax gives you specific how-to methods and techniques you need NOW to be most effective in your dealings with increased bureaucratic over-regulation, insurance and pharmaceutical greed, financial constraints, legal issues, patient and patient family care, staff leadership and teamwork developmentand with personal stress! Your own. Your family’s. Your support staff’s. 

Discover how to make better and less expensive use

of marketing, public and community relations

programs, and how to improve communication

skills to attract more referrals and increase

patient volume.

YOU GET “Enlightened Self-Interest” guidance

based on a lifetime of proven success in business

and healthcare management coaching, and in

practice and staff development consulting. 




Hal is also a contributing author:


A Hal Alpiar Short Story, “DIRT FLOOR VISIT” is included in a warm, fuzzy new book filled with touching and humorous grandparent experiences –suitable for everyone old enough to be one. (And skip the fake “Reviews”!) now on sale at AMAZON:





Hal also authored:



For a THE perfect gift for every . . .

action/adventure/romance/mystery story-lover, order Hal’s widely-acclaimed first novel: 


1981: AMERICA’S BIGGEST DRUG DEAL 15 MILES OFF THE JERSEY SHORE IN THE MIDDLE OF A FIERCE ATLANTIC OCEAN STORM. . . a work of fiction inspired by true events that actually involved the boat Hal lived aboard in his renegade professor days.




Hal also authored:


  Hardcover Doctor Business : How to Boost Practice Growth and Strengthen Long-Term Relationships Book   

DOCTOR BUSINESS…How To Boost Practice Growth And Strengthen Long-Term Relationships   [A 5-star Amazon selection]

Practice Management Information Corporation (PMIC), Los Angeles, CA, 1994; 2nd edition 1995; 215 pages; hardcover; for physicians.




Hal also authored:


Books by Hal Alpiar

DOCTOR SHOPPING…How To Choose The Right Doctor For You And Your Family   [National book award over 400 entries for Consumer Health Information]

HIP imprint of PMIC, Los Angeles, CA, 1996; 248 pages; paperback; for consumers;                                                                                              

. . . PLUS four other books:

Hal has contributed significantly as well to books on human resource management, management theory and practice, online copywriting, book promotion, marketing, education, and healthcare.

His written works include many published poems, hundreds of feature magazine articles, hundreds of radio broadcast scripts, and over 1600 blogposts.

He has contributed to two national (WSJ/USA TODAY/NY TIMES) best-selling books.

Hal completed the two following books on a commission basis:

A 300-page private printing of a memoir titled:



… about a distinguished American named Ernst who –as a 15 year-old German Jew– escaped Hitler’s clutches by transatlantic ship to arrive unaccompanied with minimal English at New York Harbor. At first, a newspaper delivery boy, then poultry farmer, then door-to-door salesman,  Ernst rose to  US citizenship, became a decorated US soldier,  successful retail entrepreneur and realtor, and thrived in a sixty-year marriage to a Holocaust survivor he courted for sixty days! His voluntary service to government earned Ernst trusted positions as adviser to six different governors, a confidant to a US President, a Vice President, and scores of top level state and federal officials.

… and a second book for private printing entitled:





This biography traces the unlikely injection of religion into the early beginnings of what was once a crude, rough and tumble, atheistic American trucking industry. The story highlights the special family and career of the man who –starting with a one-man/one-truck produce-delivery business and a lifelong dedication to serving God– built the underpinnings of what has become a top global logistics company– tracking package deliveries for many of the world’s leading shippers.

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