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Special grandparents-to-be! 

Reprinted in part from The Wilmington Delaware News Journal

The Art of Grandparenting





     Mequon, WI… If you haven’t thought lately about getting something special for Granny and Gramps, or for soon-to-be grandparents, consider The Art of Grandparenting. The new book released by Nightengale Press is being billed as “a funny, touching, informing, heartfelt collection of essays, stories, and how-to’s from experienced grandparents.” 

     Expert grandparents—as well as those who soon hope to be—will want to carry The Art of Grandparenting everywhere. It is already being called the definitive reference for mastering this new, never-before-explored art form. Lessons learned from one’s own grandparents may no longer be relevant when it comes to dealing with new avenues of access that include, for example, text messaging, webcams, family websites, and cell phone cameras. 

     Author/consultant Hal Alpiar, is one of the book’s major contributors. His short story, “The Dirt Floor Visit” touches on the sensitivities of his relationship with his oldest grandchild, Talley, a 13 year-old budding actress, figure-skater, politician and psycho-therapist who visits Grandpa’s dirt floor trailer to “sell” him on moving out. “She’s a great kid,” he says, “and writing about this eventful encounter was truly a labor of love.”

     A former business professor, advertising executive, magazine editor, and radio host, Alpiar is president of, LLC, his own award-winning business development, marketing and website-writing firm. He writes frequently for Delmarva Quarterly and DESK magazines, and maintains a daily blog for entrepreneurial business leaders.

     The author of Doctor Shopping, winner of a national book award for consumer health information, and Doctor Business, a 5-star Amazon selection for physicians, Alpiar is seeking literary agent representation for his action/mystery novel, HIGH TIDE, completed this month, and his children’s book series, DOODLE-OO The Bare-Headed Bear

     “It’s the right book for the right time,” according to the book’s Editor Valerie Connelly, “because there’s really no precedent for baby-boomer grandparents. Making these relationships work,” she says, “truly is an art. It takes finesse, creativity, teamwork, a free spirit and nonjudgmental, unsolicited love.” She invites experienced and new grandparents alike to join her for a “happening” exchange at 

     Connelly points out that grandparenting today “is a whole lot more than just plunking kids down in front of the TV, or buying them rooms full of gifts. This book,” she says, “is filled to the brim with authenticity!” 

     The Art of Grandparenting is available at all online booksellers, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon as well as at and Also available upon request at your favorite local bookseller. 

For more information, contact: Hal@BUSINESSWORKS.US (“Grandparenting” in the subject line)

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2 Comments to “Grandparents?”

  1. Herb Konowitzon 30 Dec 2010 at 12:21 pm

    I would like to obtain a copy of the Dannemann book please. Let me know how I do that.

  2. Hal Alpiaron 02 Jan 2011 at 10:10 pm

    Hi Herb – Thanks for your visit and interest in obtaining a copy of the book. I have arranged for a free copy for you. Please see the email I sent you earlier for details. Happy New Year! (And please do return here again soon.) Regards – Hal

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