Make 2021 Time for a “STRUGGLE HUDDLE”

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Dear Mom and Pop and Entrepreneurial Enterprise Leaders, Dear Fortune 500 Corporate Sharpshooters, Dear Healthcare and other Service Industry Principals, Dear Product Manufacturers, Retailers, and First Responder Organizations, Dear Teachers and Students . . . BE ALERT TO THE REALITY THAT TODAY’S WORLD CALLS FOR A “STRUGGLE HUDDLE”!

Step up to the challenge and pull together your most creative thinkers and doers to brainstorm where your business (and life) needs to go now. NO CRITICISM ALLOWED! Criticism scares away constructive thinking. Once you’ve established realistic targets, determine how to get there: 1) what are the best and most direct routes, and 2) who can best lead the way?

How do I know this? Because I’ve led many hundreds of productive sessions like this since the 1970’s with every type of organization noted in the top paragraph. I can attest to the fact that those leaders who are genuine, open- minded, determined, receptive, and truly care will succeed in conquering the Coronavirus invasion of business and will be proclaimed the winners!

Larger organizations can host numerous “Struggle Huddle” sessions at numerous levels, beginning with top level representations and working through various departments. Smaller entities might consider inviting connected providers (e.g. CPA, lawyer, a top supportive customer, a parallel provider) . . . and family if it’s a family enterprise.

It helps to start with a stress management approach or two, presenting an overview of both the associated problems and goals, reviewing process and procedures, conducting a short warm-up activity, then moving forward to define and separate the most immediate and the down-the-road needs. With proper preparation, a “Struggle Huddle” can be effective in one hour.

Please feel free to connect direct: Hal@BusinessWorks.US for a free (untracked/un-followed-thru unless requested) email and/or telephone [1.931.854.0474] exchange on how best to set up and conduct sessions like this by yourself or with my on-the-spot or remote (Zoom) input.

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