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Hal’s Background

     Nationally-known entrepreneurial leadership and business development coach.  Two two-year-term federal appointments to the Small Business Administration (SBA) Advisory Council (NY/NJ/PA/VI).  Five years Public Affairs Team of National Committee for Quality Health Care (Now renamed Quality Forum).

     Coached 500 business and professional practice startups plus over 800 expansion/ development programs. Founding Director, The Pennsylvania Heart Institute; Co-Founder, Bio-Motion of America 3-D Motion Analysis for Physical Therapy, and Founding President, e-HealthCare Ventures online B2B conglomerate. See column (in red) to the right for partial client listing.

     5-Star and National book award published author of nine books (five on business, including his newest in 2018: HEALTHCAREPRENEURS for healthcare practice owners and managers). Three years of twice-daily BUSINESSWORKS ON THE AIR (NY/NJ) feature radio broadcasts. And now,  a new weekly show: “BUSINESSWORKS” on “Growing Business and Professional Practices Nowbroadcast and podcast on 94.1 Stonecom Radio, Cookeville, TN, beginning on 4/22/18.  Academically (6 years fulltime and 6 years parttime), Hal was voted Professor-of-the-Year” by students at both a major (NY) university and at small (NJ) community college. He also served as a special instructor for the US Army.

     National Awards for marketing, sales, and retail package/display and advertising campaign creativity. Graduate Advanced Advertising Studies Institute and The New School for Entrepreneurs. MBA (management and marketing) from Long Island University, MA equivalency candidate (human development) from Fairleigh Dickinson University, BBA (marketing and philosophy) from IONA College.

     Experience as writer, publisher, and editor accounts for hundreds of feature articles in business and cultural magazines. Hal’s blog (See tab above) has been ongoing since April, 2008, and features over 1600 business and career development (plus client and guest blog posts). Hundreds of Hal’s articles have appeared in leading publications nationwide. His marketing innovations are credited with over a billion dollars in client sales.

Hal’s Business Pursuits–

     AN ENTREPRENEURIAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIST, Hal is a 40-year-experienced specialist. He coaches and challenges business and professional practice owners and managers –as well as corporate and academia-based entities– to grow their business interests exponentially by thinking and acting more entrepreneurially, and by introducing practical “HOW-TO” business stress management strategies and tactics. Hal’s emphasis is on replacing “Analysis Paralysis” and “Bet-the-farm” tactics with new economy-driven applications of entrepreneurial mindset, such as:

“Act 1st and Plan 2nd”       “Expectations Breed Disappointment”

“Opportunity Vigilance”©    “Employee Families/Family Employees”

“Customer Delightenment”©    “Making Negative Stress Positive”

“Reasonable Risk-Taking.”      “Choosing to Make It Easy”

“Work Harder Not Smarter”     “Here and Now Focus Always Wins!”

Hal’s Core Influences–     

     Conquering many of his own life struggles by applying extensive teaching and training experiences set the stage for Hal’s own multi- faceted career development. As a “personal and professional growth and development” trainer/facilitator/counselor, Hal was driven to help others discover their authenticity . . . a pursuit he continues still, as an integral part of his coaching process.

     Hal’s “circles of influence” involve many past years of personal working exposure with different professional organizations — as an active member/presenter, for example, with The Association for Humanistic Psychology — he was engaged with in-person studies of some of the world’s leading experts in practical and applied family and Gestalt therapy and psychology. He absorbed and adapted (to business owners and managers) the work and teachings of people he met with in one-on-one meetings and small- group workshops (such as: Carl Rogers, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Ken Dychtwald, Virginia Satir, Barry Stevens, Andrew Weil, June Singer, Al Chung-Liang Huang, Ilana Rubenfeld, Mike Spino, Denis Waitley, Mona Lisa Schulz, Wayne Dyer, and others).

     Among the many conclusions he drew–and still teaches–from these interfaces, and one that dominates his coaching emphasis: “Self-expression helps build and strengthen self-esteem.  Self-esteem helps build and strengthen self-confidence, and self-confidence is the cornerstone of success in virtually every life pursuit!”

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Hal is Seeking a Film Producer 

. . . to consider fictionalized version of 278-page hardcover commissioned memoir that Hal wrote and published

The 25-Word “Logline” Synopsis:


        by Hal Alpiar

Steamshipped –Hitler’s Germany to Manhattan— non-English-speaking 15-year-old Ernst delivered newspapers, farmed chickens, enlisted… WON: medals, citizenship, Holocaust bride, State leadership, White House prominence, business fortunes.


Hal is Seeking a Children’s VIDEO


     and BOOK Distribution Partner   

. . . for fully-illustrated self-esteem-development story, in verse, for 3-6 year-olds with real handicaps or (as almost all children have in early values-development years) imagined shortcomings… a proven path (Tested in 4 different States and unanimously applauded by over 400 children, ages 3-6) to build or rebuild self-confidence. First of a series, this completed video includes accompanying music and product line developed to full prototypes.































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