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2021 . . . Here We Come!

It matters not if you run a Mom/Pop store, delivery service, professional practice, mega-billion dollar corporation, or if you’re a healthcare worker, 1st responder, teacher, or make and sell products from your garage. . .

If you are even the slightest bit entrepreneurially-minded, take one look in the mirror and say to yourself: “It’s 2021! And it’s time to make things happen!”NOT as an empty New Year’s Resolution, but as a promise to yourself and to those you love and care for.

We have all struggled with our fears, but the time is NOW to use all that pent-up energy and resources you’ve stored away. NOW is the time to face and conquer your frustration with COVID’s ugly track-record, with media and government apathy, and twisted self-importance political pursuits .

NOW is the time to show what you’re really made of, and you can start the minute you finish reading this post and taking these steps:

START with adopting a productive, non-interruptive, positive attitude that keeps your mind and body alert and in touch with reality. You can help yourself to pursue making that happen as often as you choose, with every passing moment. HOW?

With deep breathing in through your nose, pushing air to the bottom part of your lungs where it is seldom circulated, then slowly with your mouth closed, push that air up to the top part of your lungs, hold it a couple of seconds then exhale slow steady stream through your almost closed lips until it is (with an extra little push) ALL out . . . then repeat as often as it takes until you can hear the exhale as a slow steady stream without any “hitches” — You will be more in control and more in touch with the “here and now” in front of you.

Dizziness simply suggests you take a break. So simply sit if you’re standing, and recognize that you may need to do more of this than others might have to, to achieve full value. Keep at it!

Age and physical health make no difference. Your determination to follow this process whenever you feel upset (or angry, worried, frustrated or out-of-touch), will deliver the best return on investment of your energy and the minute or two that it takes. It will keep you focused on what’s important.

And it’s free!

The end result? You will feel better, think more clearly, be more productive . . . and the more you do it, the less noticeable it will be!

Are YOU Breathing?

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