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Guess What? Everyone has ambitions of some kind. So what are yours? Are they realistic? Are they solid or shaky? Does your “skill-set” fit your goal pursuits? What are your pursuits?

What are your life ambitions? What kind of fuel does your engine need? What’s your quest based on? Art? Music? Photography? Sports? Gaming? People or Time or Property Management? Construction? Craftsmanship? Teaching? Religion? Computer Skills?

. . . Or something totally unique?

Are you gifted with an entrepreneurial mindset? Are you a spectacular cook? Teacher? Writer? Computer Whizz? Stage Performer? Or are you an Inventor? Have you some great technical or athletic or cleaning or repair skills???

Okay, now that your brain’s rattling, what are you doing (or planning to do) with that skillset of yours? What do you think you could be doing with it? When? How soon? What is it that’s holding you back? Why? So, what is it you would have to do first? What’s the first step? HOW do you get yourself started and stay motivated when things don’t go as you planned or dreamed?

How do you reach that goal or quest or ambition of yours?

The best way to RE-start is to:

1. FORCE YOURSELF to find some uninterrupted chunks of time that allow you to dream and research and set realistic goals with flexible, realistic paths to pursue . . . AND:

2. SET UP some productivity discussion sessions with one or two people who you know have achieved entrepreneurial success and who would be willing to give you some periodic chunks of meeting and/or telephone or email or Zoom time to help you get (and stay) on course with your pursuits!

Bon Voyage and Happy Entrepreneuring!

c Copyright Hal Alpiar (Hal@Businessworks.US) 2/2/2023

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