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Jun 20 2015


baseball glove





We’ve all read inspirational quotes from the likes of Einstein, Edison, Disney, Ford, Mother Theresa, Jobs, Gates, Gloria Steinem, Lincoln, Knute Rockne, Billy Graham, Reagan, Oprah, Churchill, Mary Kay, Dyer, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy, Fritz Perls, Zig Ziglar, Vince Lombardi, JFK, John Glenn, Mr. Rogers, Helen Keller . . .

We’ve read hundreds (thousands?) of different interpretations of “THE” 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 “WAYS” “METHODS” “STEPS” “KEYS TO” “RULES” “COMMANDMENTS” “TIPS” or “BEHAVIORS” we must follow, or “SINS” “MISTAKES” “ERRORS” or “TRAPS” we must avoid “TO SUCCEED.” They headline endless online posts, each proclaiming more author-self-anointed-authority that the next.

We know from our observations of friends, family, and associates that “10 or 20 years of career experience” is often simply one year of do-nothing actions repeated over and over for 10 or 20 years.

And from all of this—and more—we’ve learned to smile and sit up straight, to not “make waves,” to “hold our tongues,” and to “accept the life (and struggles) that have been given to us,” to “be patient and wait out the storms,” and—when in doubt—put together a committee to study the question. Sure, you may feel like you have to play the hand that’s been dealt to you, but you chose to get in the game, and you can choose to get out!

It’s worth remembering that every sunrise—yes, including today and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next—is a wakeup call to action, a new opportunity for each of us to do the best we can do, be the best we can be . . . make a difference with our lives.

And since all humans have imperfections, it’s hard (and probably impossible) to even try to do and be better every day without a daily assessment of where we are at the moment and how (what was the process we used) to get where we are right now.

How can we change what we don’t know exists? Or when we don’t know how it got that way to begin with? How can we get where we’re going if we don’t know where we’ve been? How many of us can take apart a faulty machine-engineered appliance we have no working knowledge of, repair it and put it back together?

How can we change (Yeah, I know, a link to “10 Steps.” Sorry ;>) something without thinking through the steps of how we got there in the first place (i.e., what are the how-to’s, NOT what are the reasons)? Taking a quick daily personal inventory is one answer. Even heavily-experienced, well-trained pilots review checklists prior to takeoff.

The practice of daily checkups is the foundation for the attitude that drives every entrepreneurial mindset . . . that every problem is an opportunity! Trust yourself!

“Get busy livin’, or get busy dyin’. . .
If you’re not moving forward,
you’re moving backward.”

– Reid Hoffman, Cofounder/Chairman- LinkedIn (From the 2012 bestselling business book, the start-up of YOU, by Hoffman and Casnocha)



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May 27 2015

Driving Entrepreneurs To Pasture

When it’s time to eat grass,


get out of the mud and weeds!


You’ve been bustin’ butt to get where you are, and you can’t even find the tunnel, never mind light at the end of it! That’s the nice way to say you’re feeling spent and discouraged. But the truth is — guess what?– you are CHOOSING to feel spent and discouraged! “Spent” and “discouraged” are behaviors, right? And since all humans are born with free will (although some undoubtedly approach dubiousness), humans (yes, even entrepreneurs) all CHOOSE their behaviors.

So now you think you’re going to get lectured? Don’t choose to think that. Choose instead to enlighten yourself. The choice is just as easy, and it’s light-years  more productive. We make choices every minute of every day — from when to wake up to when to go to sleep, and everything in between. HA! And you thought it was just a matter of eggs or cereal for breakfast . . . or whether to sneer, snort, scowl or smile at someone else who chose to be bitchy.

Nope. No lecture here. Just shared awareness based on being an entrepreneur, and working with 2020 entrepreneurs. The bottom line is that the vast majority of entrepreneurs I’ve experienced haven’t a clue about the right time to make their move out of the weeds and into the sunshine-filled pasture, where healthy grazing beats hanging around in mud and weeds infested with mosquitoes. And I won’t even mention the malaria word here. OMG! So many choices!

So, seriously, where does your business live? When will you choose to move it? Where? How?

Our choices are conscious or unconscious. Sometimes the consequences pop up years later. Goal-setting can spare us a lot of “choice” surprises! Are your goals legitimate? They meet all five essential criteria? They are specific, realistic, flexible, due-dated, and in writing? If they are not all five, you don’t have goals; you have a meaningless, nonproductive wishlist. Why would you choose fantasy when choosing (meaningful, productive) reality is just as easy?

Choosing when and how to get your business out of the mud and weeds is not a matter of betting the farm. Entrepreneurs take only reasonable risks. It is a matter of what I call “Opportunity Vigilance.” When you keep focused on making your idea work and on taking advantage of opportunities that represent growth, you are choosing to put yourself and your business in a position of readiness to head for the sunshine-filled pasture where work becomes fun again.

Unless, of course, you’re a FAKE Entrepreneur?

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Apr 08 2015


Facebook logothumbs down logoIf you’re


IN business, get OUT of Facebook.


Like every other niche in life, undoubtedly, there are those dwelling in and passing through the halls of business who will be quick to dismiss this post (especially Facebook employees). But as Shakespeare once said: “The truth will out!”

And the truth is: If you own and/or manage any** business, and you’re actively involved with Facebook:  you are wasting your time and energy. And lost opportunities are probably costing you more money than you would want to believe. [**any except perhaps retail]

Facebook does appear to serve as a meaningful distraction for government, corporate and academic employees. And given the boredom of that typically committee-cluttered, no-sense-of-urgency career existence, the attraction/diversion is understandable. But for entrepreneurs, Facebook is an unproductive addiction. It is simply not worthy of your attention, or even your interest, never mind your active indulgence. It literally eats up your clock!

“Yes, but,” I hear some say, “it’s the only way I can find out what my kids/grandkids are up to!” Then settle for it being a weekend addiction. Going to Facebook ANYtime between rise-and-shine Monday and nighty-night Friday is like a visit to the dentist for business owner/ manager Facebook fanatics. They too often end up holding their numb jaws while the Novocaine wears off when the reality comes home that time and energy and money has gone a-wasting.

“Okay, so Twitter is better, right?Is there any difference in being obsessed with Twitter for any reason other than to promote your business interests (which is likely to be far better accomplished, btw, on LinkedIn) . . . or with being obsessed with the news (unless you’re in the news business)?

Bottom line: If you’re a genuine entrepreneur, you’re not spending spare time with anything other than your health and spiritual well-being–whatever that may be for you–and loving and growing your family and a few select friendships–whatever that takes.

Slice your pie the way you see fit. It’s your pie. It can be big, small, flat, mountainous, firm, gloppy, round, square, multilevel, whatever works for you . . . but don’t pretend it’s not a pie! We choose our pie. We choose our behavior. We choose our stress by choosing to set ourselves up for it. Think hard about the last time you didn’t feel 100%. What were you doing/thinking/saying shortly before you lost sleep/felt edgy/got sick?

When the stress becomes DIStress–with never enough time in the day for your pie, your family, your health–don’t react. Respond. Ask yourself HOW you choose or chose your stress? Then make a different choice. Maybe it’s time to change the way you see or slice your pie . . . or the way you breathe?

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Feb 04 2015

The 40-something “Family Sandwich”

You’re 40-something and trapped!


You’re 40-something and you’re sandwiched in between aging parents and young children. trying to build a career. Even the weekends are starting to suck. The family dog (or cat) is beginning to be your BFF.

What’s next? STEP BACK, that’s what! Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing (except driving, holding a baby, operating heavy equipment, or standing with your back to a cliff or stairway), take one physical step back away from the gum-biting clamor, pinch yourself in the butt and take three deep breaths. Just three, but don’t fake it. Three. Deep. Now. Before reading more. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Now pay attention to this: No job is worth losing because your mind gets too busy racing in and out of your neighbors’, relatives’, co-workers’ issues and shortsightedness. They don’t understand your upsets. They never have. They’re not inside YOUR brain and you don’t need them to survive your circumstances. You need your SELF to make adjustments for your SELF — NOT to please others!

You need to “rattle your own cage” and that doesn’t mean a zoo or prison vacation. It means doing some honest soul-searching about who you really are, what you really want out of life, and how you think you’re going to get there.

Rule One: Take Charge of Your SELF! Only YOU know what YOU need to do. Listening to what others have to say is a good thing. Doing what others think you should do is not. So listen all you want, but ACT on your own behalf.

For every idea you have (after the three deep breaths!) about how you need to proceed with your “sandwiched” life, write it down: each idea at the top of its own page (yes, with a real pen or pencil on real paper . . . trust me you’ll get more authentic results than keyboarding it!). Put a minus- sign at the top left and a plus+ sign at the top right, with a vertical line top to bottom down the middle of the page.

Then identify the negative and positive points related to each idea in the appropriate column. Step back again. Yes, and three more deep ones. Then analyze your ideas based on comparing the two columns and on what you honestly feel inside your gut about each point, and each idea.

Maybe you’ve been being too patient and are filled with anxiety? Maybe you’ve not been patient enough and are filled with annoyance or are simply adding fuel to the fire? Where’s the right balance?

What are you doing right this minute to achieve the right balance? You think this is an easy exercise? It’s not if you’re doing it honestly. But is it worth it? Of course it is. YOU’re worth it, aren’t you? Then work at it.

Here’s a Broadway-bound musical: filled with love, anxiety, humor, annoyance, and resolution to inspire. It’s all about finding balance — Try some of the “song previews” and remember: You’re never alone when you seek balance. Sing. Dance. Hum. Breathe. Think. And along the way, enjoy–and TRUST your SELF! Be FEARLESS! You’ll get through it. You can do it!

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Dec 09 2014

In Business Life, Age Matters (60-70?)


There goes your past. Here comes your future. But
it’s only this very minute —this very split second
as you read this sentence— that counts!

Popular observations about your age:

Ah, now you’re cookin’, Baby! True smartness sets in and you learn to appreciate the idea that life is too short to be hanging around with time-wasting junk. That includes other people who are hell-bent on draining your brain and emotional storage bank with their tales of physical ailments, surgical procedures, and drug regimens.

Business life begins at 60! Go get busy! Invent something! Write a book! Play senior softball! Coach something. Find a local youth organization you can work with. And there’s nothing like moving to or visiting a college town to keep you feeling young! Pull up stakes and git outta Dodge! If you’re married, do another honeymoon. If you’re single, and still searching for love in all the wrong places (like bars!), gussy yourself up and check out stuff like (Just kidding. Sorry, it’s not a real site!)

One good thing that’s predictable once you hit into the 60-70 age group: You say “screw it!” more.

Oh, and—after trying endless formulas, products, and treatments to no avail—you let your hair and wrinkles grow wherever the hell they want to. You look lovingly at grandchildren, but have a keenly developed zero-tolerance for temper tantrums and the soiled diapers that you once handled with aplomb, finesse, dedication and necessity.

Reluctantly, you look for the bright side of facing the eventual need to downsize your living quarters and aspirations. Your kids talk with you like they think you’re seven years old. You are either attending church services more or less. You are paying too much attention to politics, the news, and nail fungus!

Here’s the whole enchilada: Be thankful to be who you are and to be headed forward on your path. You’ve made it this far and you ain’t gonna quit nohow!

Now is the only time!
How thankful are you to be who you are,
headed where you’re headed?



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Nov 25 2014

In Business, Your Age Matters (40-50?)


There goes your past. Here comes your future. But
it’s only this minute—this very split second as you
read this sentence—that counts!

Popular observations about your age:

Over The Hill


Now you’re getting serious about life. You cut your hair and consider the economies of a wig vs. hair transplants vs. shaving your head. You buy your first wrinkle cream and think about Botox. It doesn’t take more than a backache or two to realize you’re no longer the superwoman / superman you thought you were, but you will no doubt continue trying to prove otherwise—switching perhaps to “softer athletics” like pinball, slot machine pulls, darts, bathtub backstroke, and computer solitaire.

You’re still haunted by being covered with lettuce, smothered in mayonnaise and stuck like a pickle in the middle of the parents/kids sandwich . . . trying to break through the crust and please the whole world as you get chewed first on one side and then on the other. You probably thought you were over the hill when you were thirty, but now, well, “It’s the real thing!” . . . You worry more.

When you lose a close friend or family member, it gives you cause to pause. You rethink your job, church, life, love, yourself as well as where the hell you’re going, and how long it’s taking to get there. Retirement planning? Nah! That’s a long way off.

Earning a decent living has turned out to be harder than you ever imagined. Maybe you should do that year-with-a-yogi-mountaintop-meditation deal? Marriage or roommate relations get rocky. Your own or parent health issues command the stage center spotlight.  Healthcare insurance options suck! You sleep less. You start eating more yogurt and granola, but struggle with the booze, coffee, anything chocolate, bread and butter. Sometimes you feel like you’re playing football on a chess board. Try answering this:What Sport Is Your Business?

Having your own small business is looking more attractive. You decide to test the waters with a weekend garage-based product business or bedroom-based consulting service. The startup costs are staggering. You consider seeking investors or a rich partner. Somewhere you learn that when two partners agree on everything, one is not needed. Two investors you speak with want 65% of your business. No way! Way! No way! Way! No way! You go it alone and sweat it out. Welcome to entrepreneurship! Are you spontaneous enough?

Now is the only time!
How thankful are you to be who you are,
headed where you’re headed?

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Nov 19 2014

In Business, Your Age Matters (30-40?)


There goes your past. Here comes your future. But
it’s only this minute—this very split second as you
read this sentence—that counts!

Popular observations about your age:



It’s inconceivable that those under 30 consider you older than dirt, so you do everything mentally and physically possible to prove yourself otherwise. You get a little achy-breaky once in awhile, but–after all–you still feel invincible enough to beat yourself to a pulp on the athletic field, go cliff-climbing, hang-gliding, whitewater rafting, buy a horse, and race jet skis. Maybe you’re a late bloomer, but you fall in and out of love 15 more times, then soul-mate with one of your original 25, from when you were (aaaaah!) in your twenties.

You gloat at being able to buy your first house, then quickly realize—as nasty things go wrong that require hiring contractors—that you’re in over your head. But now, for the first time, you at least have your own neighbors and your own on-the-job friends (and a soul-mate) to commiserate with. You try a couple of churches. You drink a lot of fancy-brand beer.

If you weren’t having young children and old parents when you were 20-30, you’ve probably got both now, and you feel like you’re in the middle of a sandwich, ready to be eaten up by stress and time pressures, especially with so fewer opportunities for self-indulgence. Getting your fingers burned and knuckles rapped as you learn the politics of career pursuit, you think about starting your own business. You Google a lot.

Approaching 40, you own up to the fact that maybe you don’t actually know as much as you thought you did when you were ten years younger. You trade your Camaro for a minivan to get the kids to baseball, soccer, dance lessons, Cub Scouts, Brownies, fast-food spots. You love your spouse, but the minivan . . . Your smartphone keeps you connected to the world, but you somehow still feel disconnected. The kids anchor you to living in the present. These years are all about making and spending money, getting promoted, researching startups.

In your heart, you know there’s hope for you yet. It’s true. Just choose it. Oh, and hang in there, Kiddo! Time Heals.

Business Life Reality: Now is the only time!
How thankful are you to be who you are,
headed where you’re headed?

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Oct 20 2014


Marriage or Business . . .


Paperwork - RFPs


A. RFPs done by or for an entrepreneur
B. RFPs done for the government
C. RFPs done by or for a marriage partner
D. RFPs longer than one page
E.  RFPs that require attachments

Here’s the bottom line for each:

1.  Odds are that any entrepreneur who asks for a formal RFP (Request For Proposal) is likely to be an insecure pompous ass. In fact, unless you’re selling psychotherapy services, you probably shouldn’t waste your time. These individuals are either playing control-freak games or they are looking for free strategy outlines to follow… or to get you to do the strategy work for free that can then be passed along to someone else to follow who lives closer and is cheaper, or who can be more easily manipulated… and/or a relative or friend or “undercutter” who will execute YOUR proposal outline at a much lower fee.

Any entrepreneur who responds to an RFP with anything more than a one-page proposal (no, not two sides of one page, and not one and a half pages) isn’t worth her or his salt because getting the job done requires being concise. Entrepreneurial proposals longer than one page immediately telegraph that you don’t know what you’re talking about!

2.  Government literally invented these things. RFPs are how government people get outside vendors and especially service businesses to work their brains off for free! If you’re an entrepreneur, you might rather want to die than jump government agency hoops and run their gauntlets. Government workers aren’t smart enough to be in your shoes, but they are experts at manipulating innovative thinkers to struggle with solving government problems. 30-page RFP questionnaires are not unheard of. Typically, you’ll provide everything requested before learning that you—now out of breath with burned feet—are not being awarded the project. And why is that?

Why? Because, unbeknownst to you, the work contract is being awarded to a White House cousin or Senator’s housekeeper’s sister or Congressional Representative’s biggest campaign donor’s son who just flunked out of dog-walking school, or the Governor’s favorite niece’s boyfriend or the state representative’s brother-in-law’s sister-in-law once removed, or the Mayor’s mistress’s dog trainer. “HA!” says you, “not a chance!” Don’t bet the farm on it! After all, can you think of one reason a government employee should care about any private business that can’t  influence the powers that be to help keep that person’s job intact?

3.  Okay, the marriage partner thing. That really shouldn’t take even a semi-conscious human being to figure out that having to request a marriage proposal from someone is probably not the healthiest indicator of marriage startup success… especially if it’s in writing. Oh, not talking about prenuptial agreements here, which have their advocates and clearly seem to fit some circumstances. I’m talking about formally requesting a proposal. And, I mean, what do you do with such a thing? Does it include a deadline? A budget? 27 pages of attached supportive evidence and diagrams? Really?

4.  A proposal for ANY thing that needs to be longer than one page is simply not worth submitting or accepting. Proposals are, after all, opportunities for those who request them to identify quick-thinking, quick-on-their-feet experts who don’t need to reinvent the wheel or describe every minutia detail of how they’ll attack the problem. By the same token, those who respond to RFPs need to demonstrate their expertise with a no-words-wasted outline of recommended actions that are crisp and to-the-point. Or are you too complicated?

5.  Oh, yeah, attachments. Fuggetaboutit! Diagrams, bibliographies, source listings, examples, past clients? Delete, delete, delete. If a request source doesn’t know you or have found out about you separate and apart from the RFP, the RFP isn’t the place to start getting known. Best advice? Move on!

SUMMARY: Time, energy, money, and opportunity loss are all likely to occur for those consumed with completing every detail of a typical RFP. More secure, more definite, more fun and more challenging new business results can probably be realized by making a concerted effort to convert sales from your existing pipeline. Leave RFPs for medium and large size enterprises that can more easily afford to take it on the chin when the bottom falls out. Make today the time for change!

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Oct 15 2014

STOP THE NEWS! I want to get off!


I want to get off!


You deserve a break today, and not because

of some hamburger company! You just do.


If it isn’t bad enough dealing with your boss, your in-laws, your whining friend, your outta-control kids (or dog!), your popped button, indigestion, and scraping what you stepped in today—off your shoes, in front of smirking passerby, with your (never-used-anymore-for-writing anyway) ballpoint pen . . . If all that’s not bad enough, you got news media!

So now all you masochists seeking pleasure from having your butts dragged through global gutters, can add yet another layer of daily upsets and aggravations to your personal shoulders —the whole damn rest of the world! Go ahead: BE ATLAS! See if anybody cares.

You think it doesn’t matter how much news you see or hear every day? (That was a short question.) Now you no doubt think I’m going to beat up on your psyche for all the reasons you fidget at work and don’t sleep at night. But, no. There’s just another question coming.

This one’s a long, take-a-breath-in-the-middle question: Does a minute (a second even) ever pass without seeing or hearing some modelesque-looking or vocabularied-up (no ers, ahs, ums, or duhs) nudnick with an earpiece who’s being told what to say, how fast to say it and where to stand . . . you know, someone who’s somberly rattling out (or yelling, as in the case of higher-paid, more famous nudnicks) every minutia of detail about world and neighborhood threats to life, limb, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Whew! That was long, wasn’t it?

You better believe this: If it’s not terrorism glaring through ski-masks, or paying the price for cavalier attitudes about the seriousness of Ebola, or the ineptness of the VA , the CDC, the WH and Congress, or war zone updates on bombings and surprise WMD cache findings, it’s body counts, student demonstrations, racially-charged bullet exchanges, the stock market, Shark Tank, some athlete run-a muck, or insufferable Hollywood-type feigning make-believe insults.

If it’s not any of those things, it’s fictitious global-warming and severe weather (the great standby for upsetting news), the neighbor’s trash blowing across your yard, or your empty wallet, refrigerator, or gas tank.

Don’t let it be your empty HEAD!

Feel like you’re juggling seagulls?

Want to lighten yourself up?

Do the following for one week

(if you dare!)

I absolutely guarantee it will change your life for the better. But you have to be willing to take the risk. What’s to lose, stress?

1. JUST BREATHE Take some nice deep ones—as often as you can remember to each day.

2. TURN OFF THE WACKO (TV, RADIO, AND ONLINE) NEWS REPORTS – If something major happens that will engulf your life, you’ll know it; someone will come running to pound on your door and give you the scoop!

3. THROW AWAY ALL THOSE NUT-CASE NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES YOU READ— Toss ‘em under the bus! Better yet, let them pile up somewhere (not at your door!) for the week and when you get back to them, you’ll be startled to see that nothing has changed . . . just names, places, amounts, severity, intentions.

4. TURN OFF YOUR TEXT AND EMAIL BOMBARDMENT— “Smokeless tobacco,” “Death-by-milk class action lawsuits,” and “37 ways to paint your garage floor” will all still be clogging up your in-boxes a week from now anyway. Besides it’s rejuvenating to delete hundreds at a time!

5. TAKE A HOT SHOWER. SIT. TALK TO YOURSELF. READ A BOOK— Comedy or love stories beat news-related drama.




And no, it’s not irresponsible,

or global withdrawal, or pretending all’s well.

It’s a break. You need one. It’s a choice.

Do something about it.

You won’t believe the difference in just one week!

# # #

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Make today a GREAT Day for someone!

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Sep 11 2014

STARTUPS: Stop Looking For Money!!!

The longer and more energetically


you look for venture capital, the


quicker the likelihood your new


business will go down the tubes!


The process of seeking startup funding is like trying to put the roof on a new garage that you’ve already rushed to park in… but that has no studs in place or foundation to hold them. Advice: If you’ve gone this far, don’t be sitting in your car, especially if it’s a top-down convertible. After coaching 500 successful launches, I know whereof I speak.

With extremely few exceptions, I have found that the physical, mental, and emotional drain an entrepreneur experiences while chasing money ends up costing so much in time, energy, attention, out-of-pocket expenses, and lost opportunities, that new business ventures are often thrown under the bus before they can even get reach the intersection.

USE your time/money/energy instead to make your ideas work. When you ignore your finances and focus on making your idea work, on the market you’re going into and on the marketability of your product or service, money will come to you, seemingly out of nowhere and from sources you might least expect.

Don’t let others (including TV programs like Shark Tank or websites like Kickstarter) fool you into thinking that formal business plans, for example, are the answer. They’re not.

I’ve written scores of formal business plans, some of which raised many millions of investment dollars. But those winning plans were for established businesses seeking capital to expand. And they took four to six months to write. That’s a big chunk of time to not be head-down-and-charging-forward with birthing your business.

And all formal business plans cost some substantial dollars for professional fees (CPA, attorney, writer, researcher, printer, etc.). Well, what about offering those folks equity? you might ask. Think hard about that one. Even if they love you and your ideas, they got where they are by charging big-time fees, and your credit sheet, charging for telephone time, for example, won’t be any exception.

The best business plans (unless you are truly at the break-out point of needing venture capital or a bank or small business loan, which unfortunately still all call for formality) . . . the best plans are typically scribbled on the back of an envelope, folded into a pocket for a few days, then replaced with another updated version, which is folded into a pocket for a few days, then replaced . . . etc., etc.

These “Envelope Plans” are best because they are real-time happening and they keep your attention on what you need to do today, tomorrow, this week.

Goals are great and highly recommended if they are specific, realistic, flexible, due-dated, and are in writing. But thinking too much about your goal puts your mind into fantasyland and pulls you away from your immediate purpose. Runners who focus on the finish line too much, trip and fall.

If your idea is good and marketable, stay with it. Work it. Make it happen. After it’s working, if you want to expand operations, then consider formal business plans. But don’t distract your commitment and passion at the outset. Would you put a new baby down in the middle of a high-traffic expressway so you could run a few miles to go buy extra diapers?


# # #

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