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     Soaring food prices killing the restaurant business?  But now there’s smaller-portion meals on smaller plates with more parsley to look bigger which not only creates a bigger demand for parsley but also pumps up the sale of smaller dinner plates. 

     There’s a bigger demand for restaurant purchases of menu printing that makes the prices more obscure.  (And even lighter silverware, I’m told, to make the food seem heavier?  Now that’s bizarre!) 

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     Higher gas prices increase sales and leases and rentals of hybrid fuel efficient cars.  With resultant vacation travel distances being more modest, more local resorts are buying more local advertising and offering more all-inclusive package deals to save visitors from having to drive anywhere else. 

     More foreclosures generate more creative financial services . . . and realtors are finally having to earn their commissions (or join the real workforce!).  Poor home sales have increased home repairs and renovations, and of course increased sales for Home Depot and Lowe’s. 

     Writers who can’t get their books published are writing more articles (and blogs!) which are leading to selling the books they couldn’t sell just by writing books! 

     More snow than expected sells more shovels, sweaters, gloves and candles.  More heat than is comfortable sells more air conditioners, fans, screens, shorts and T-shirts.  More rain than planned for sells more umbrellas, raincoats, hats and boots. 

     Look around you.  See what problems you and others are struggling with.  Brainstorm with yourself and see what happens!  Oh, and remember that Thomas Edison made ten thousand tries before inventing the light bulb (not 10,000 failures, he was quoted as saying, but 10,000 attempts!).  

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