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Welcome to the world’s first SMALL BIZ Alphabet Series of blog posts!


N O W  is

the only time.

The past is over.

It cannot be changed.

The future hasn’t come yet,

and may never arrive anyway.



Our “here-and-now” present moments are all we really have to work with, live in, enjoy, control, and make a difference with in our lives and in our businesses. They open the path to creativity . . . to creative personal, professional, and business development!


Using the past productively from our present-moment mindset can be rewarding and –in many cases– necessary. Recalling a pleasant experience, for example, can be physically relaxing, enjoyable, and neurologically soothing in our present moment, especially a present moment filled with extra stress.

Oh, and where would detectives and accountants, historians, scientists and lawyers be without being able to rely heavily on events and records of the past in their present life’s work?

BUT, when thinking about the past gets to a point of dwelling, those thoughts threaten our very well-being, and often impair the well-being of others around us. We can get ourselves (and our businesses) in trouble.

[Examples: the 50-year-old who constantly re-lives his high school championship game touchdown; the 60-year-old woman who recounts her childhood poverty or illnesses to everyone she meets; the family locked into day-to-day sadness over a child’s tragic death 15 years ago.]

Circumstances like those put us at risk; they block the road to mental, emotional, and physical health. We all go through bad times. Being able to be productive and rise above them is a measure of personal strength and courage.

It is always easier to escape to fantasyland,

but –realistically– not always wiser.


The trick is to stay “tuned-in” to where you are and what you’re doing at any given moment, as much as you possibly can, every minute and hour of the day. Your reading of the top of this post, for example, is already in the past!. And be aware that all of this applies equally to future stuff as well.

Just as dwelling unproductively on the past wastes time and energy, so too does worrying about the future. We all need to plan, but when plans turn to worry, we are also headed off to fantasyland. Creative professionals visit fantasyland intentionally for inspiration, but then return to reality to apply the fantasy experience.

Business owners can rarely afford that luxury –and risk– of getting lost in reveries, hopes, dreams, and wishes. Solution: Save up for a vacation and go somewhere that minimizes contact with reality. In other words, it’s a good thing to periodically get it out of your system. Then, when you get back: Get back, really!

Prolonged stays in fantasyland can earn prolonged stays in the loony bin, or the log-term wearing of a straight jacket, not to mention big-time bankruptcy of both your business and your brain. Happy reality!

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