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But working harder


makes you smarter!

I’ve probably heard “Work smarter, not harder” a few hundred million times in my life (yeah, I know, that’s probably a few more than a million times a day or something. Anyway, it seems like it!)

     So, okay I tried this little “Work Smarter” rule of thumb like 75 million times, and blam! Nothing. I mean you couldn’t even BE smarter than I worked, but blam! Nothing. It was like a big empty room and nothing to do but get frenzied and frazzled about having nothing to do except hang out! (How do teenagers do it? Oh, right, txtg 4 fun n games!)

I tried so hard to work smarter that I was working myself to the bone just  trying to work smarter. And for some reason, I couldn’t get myself to think that I was putting myself on some wonderful new brightly lighted cheerful pathway that would pioneer me a new life through the gloom and darkness!

Then I started reading about great leaders I admired, and guess what? They all worked harder than everybody else. I remembered a boss I once had who commuted daily to Manhattan from Pennsylvania (2-hour train rides each way) and who arrived at the office at 7am and left at 6pm; you figure it out. Helluva life! Needless to say, he was not a happy camper most of the time.

     So what am I saying? There needs to be a point of diminishing returns in human productivity and pleasantness? Yah! Okay, so what’s yours? Have you actually pushed yourself to that point, or do you just talk it? Are you a closet workaholic? Or (Horrors!)  a real one?

Anyway, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s perfectly okay to work like a maniac IF:

A) You enjoy what you do

B) You’re not using it as an excuse to avoid some form of intimacy with family, friends, associates, or significant others

C) You really and truly need to work (and it’s not just so you can afford the $100 wine that your neighbor drinks)

D) You’re a whacko entrepreneur and you know there’s no other way to get ahead in life and have a successful business than to knock yourself out doing whatever it takes…and you have a vacation planned!

E) You aspire to leadership greatness, and know that the best leaders rarely sleep…and you have a vacation planned!

NOTE: If ALL of the above alphabetized items apply to you, start looking up shrinks in your local phone book…you’re going to need someone you can get to, like lickity-split!

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