Aug 06 2011

Lessons From 1000 Blog Posts . . .

Welcome, and thank you


for joining me on this


personal milestone of


  1,000 posts at this site.



Before I take you on my quick-read path of lessons learned, which I unabashedly believe includes something of value for everyone, let me offer up my heartfelt appreciation for the first 400 visits I had in April of 2008 when I started, and the millions of visitors who followed over the last 3+ years.


Please continue your visits, comments, and free RSS Feed subscriptions.

And please note that this blog will now publish new

posts 5 days a week, every Sunday through Thursday.

But the Search Window is always open, and content is always relevant.



Thank you

for your confidence,

trust and loyal support.


Special thanks to Kathy — the wind beneath my wings for 25 years, and to the wonderful dogs we’ve been blessed with, who surrounded my feet as I posted each night — our Black Cocker (Tuckerton“) who left us last year at 6 years old and our Golden Retriever (“Barnegat) who lived six months longer than him; she was 13 . . . and our new one-year-old-this-week Cavachon (“Breezy).

For the endless stream of writing encouragement and feedback (regardless of agreement or disagreement with my representations, and there’s been plenty of both!), please indulge me long enough to use this space for special thanks to my: son, Christopher; daughter Haley; oldest granddaughter, Talley; brother-in-law Tim; mother-in-law, Marian; brother, Rick. And: my Aunt Dorothy and sister-in-law Claire; Melanie Adair, Angela Current, Doyle Slayton, Jonena Realth, Dr. Ian Fries, George Kanuck, Kevin Bousquet, Meredith Bell, Jeff Banning, Danielle-Dixon-Moyle, Peter Leeds, Jim Haines, Dr. Jeffrey Alpern, Michael Infusino, Ken and Sara Kraft, Bruce Burchell, Andrew Jackson; Jim Oliviero, Ken Poppele, Andy Larrimore, Laura Pritchett, Jeff Shactman, Barrie Proctor, Brian Smith, Dennis Forney, my friends, neighbors, Twitter and LinkedIn followers, former students, past and present clients, three special friends lost this past year: Butch Taras, Paul Harp and Ernst Dannemann, and my 150 softball league buddies in Delaware and New Jersey, and their families.

Thank you also to the young men and women of America’s military service whose devotion and courage make the freedom possible that allows me to choose to write, and to be able to write freely.

. . . and thank you, God!




Here is some of what I learned that you may find helpful to be reminded of . . . to think about . . . to try, apply, expand, adjust, enjoy, and to just pick up and run with:

1)  Never assume that no one (or that no one who matters) is “out there.”

When you write and post something on the Internet, someone, somewhere, is always reading what you write . . . every thing you write! So make it count.

2)  Be gracious with your insults.

Criticize the behavior –words and actions– not the person! When you feel you must take someone’s behavior to task, take it to task, but try to “sleep on” what you write before you click Publish.

3)  Take lots of deep breaths. 

More frequent deep breathing will channel stress productively, to stay in control, to be focused on the “here-and-now” present as much as possible, to ensure that you respond instead of react. Remember, if you don’t react, you can never over-react!

4)  Be kinder than necessary

 EVERYone you meet and re-meet every day is fighting some kind of battle.

5)  “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.”

(Thank you Mark Twain) 

6)  “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter–’tis the difference between the lightning-bug and the lightning.”  

(Thank you again Mark Twain)

7)  “Time waits for no one. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

 (Thank you B. Olatunji)

8)  Ask yourself the following 4 questions:

 Why?  Why Not?  Why Not Me?  Why Not Now? A few times a day is not a bad idea.

9)  Accept the fact that the news media no longer “reports” anything.

Literally every story breaks down into some stress-filled level of disguised political opinion. If you think that’s exaggeration, try testing your willpower to not watch or listen to or read any news or news-related presentations of any kind for just one week, then see and feel the results. You will be happier, healthier, less-stressed, more productive, and making a bigger difference in the world, especially if you combine this effort with #3 above. (3 weeks of it, by the way, will literally transform your life!)

10)  “To Thine Own Self Be True!”  

                                         (Authenticity + Passion = Success)

(Thank you, Shakespeare)

   11)  “There is a time for everything under heaven.”

(Thank you, God)

   12)  “Open Minds Open Doors.”

(Thank you United Technologies)

   13)  “The journey to discovery consists not in having new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

(Thank you Proust)

    14)  “The only thing that’s permanent is change.”

(Thank you Greek philosopher Hericlitus, 2500 years ago)

    15)  Happiness is a journey, not a destination.”

(Thank you Alfred Souza)

    16)  Great blog posts only happen because of great blog followers.


If you like what I write, thank your self because I write it only for you, and only with your input. I am grateful for your every visit.

Have a wonderful week ahead, filled with everything you want.

Best regards – Hal


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Jul 26 2009


Budget-Conscious Boss,


Best Friend, Do Business


in the Foothills


     Another day. Another dollar. And here I sit through yet another meeting.

     Only this meeting is different because it involves a whole different breed of people, and this meeting is taking place outdoors! Actually, all the leaders of my company are here, and we’re next to a big beautiful shimmering lake nestled into the foothills of the Berkshires.

      After listening to a little spiel that one of the HR directors just gave, my boss and I are getting ready to climb into a canoe together. We’ll be with a bunch of other partnered-up bosses and underlings in other canoes. I’m not much good at steering these things so I hope he lets me sit in front. “I can canoe a canoe, canoe canoe a canoe?” kinds of chatter starts flying around.

     As if I’m not unnerved enough, my boss starts in with how the best way to see if a marriage is made to last is to take a canoe trip when you’re newlyweds. General agreement seems to be that if you don’t kill each other while canoeing, you’re destined for a relationship of longevity.

     Anyway, this whole paddle around the lake deal is part of what’s called a Management Training Conference. Just yesterday, on the hillside over in the woods, we went on an Executive Ropes Course. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. In truth, it ended up being lots of fun. My boss and I both made lots of new friends with those we didn’t know before, who came from our other offices.

     Tomorrow, some of us are going to the nearby Lime Rock race-track and race-car driving school to learn about safety, risk-taking and something called mental focus. The mental thing sounds like it might be a bit above me, so I might just pass on that session and go instead to an Executive Golf Class that’s being held over by the other lake. Something about objectives, strategies, and tactics is supposed to be demonstrated by hitting little bumpy white balls into holes with flags.

     As for right now, I need to concentrate on not embarrassing my boss by falling out of the canoe as I tip-toe in from the dock. I mean just imagine how red his face would get if he had to hear “Dog Overboard!”

     Oh, did I mention that I’m a Golden Retriever, and that my boss’s Meeting Planner found this grrrrrreat location for a meeting that allows well-behaved dogs like me to go to the company meeting and participate in everything (well, not the dining room, bar, sauna, or heated swimming pool activities)? We can even hang in the library and game room if we don’t chew books or chase dropped ping-pong or billiard balls around.

     The bottom line is that my boss and I are having a wonderful time and we are learning a lot about ourselves and the others we work with. He says we may even stay through the weekend so we could do some hiking and antique shopping.

     Pssssssst! These guys set the standard for complete meeting packages, and you get more for less than anyplace I could find.

     Their rates include a luxurious world-class room, 24/7 business center and wireless Internet, endless coffee, all indoor and outdoor facilities and meeting rooms — plus all service charges, 3 award-winning restaurant meals for him, and a turn-down biscuit for me at bedtime!

     And they’ve been hosting businesspeople there since 1892!

     If you didn’t know better, I bet you’d think I was the one who’s the boss, huh? Hmmmm. Well, try it:  (Oh, and take your dog, will you? It’s just 2 hours from Manhattan, 3 from Boston, 3 from Hartford)  Mention this blog for a special treat!         

# # #  

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May 16 2009


Gonna Chunk It? Then Chew It!


     If your current state of existence fits the last (“Discombobulated?”) post, and you’ve decided to try managing your time in chunks instead of clock ticks, be aware that you can’t just wolf down the chunks like my Golden Retriever. She rarely bothers to chew when she’s excited.

     You however are not a dog. At least, I must assume that you’re not. But just in case you ARE some blog-reading canine phenom, please call me immediately; we’ll make lots of money together. So the bottom line is that your digestive system simply doesn’t work well with chunks.

     Still with me here?We’re talking time management. Chunks. Chunking up time and activities is better than nonstop eating of the same (physical, mental, or emotional) food for eight hours a day. After all, even casino dealers work 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off.

     The guys who clean out the winery vats are basically AA candidates after just 15 minutes of vintage fermentation fumes (although that’s not such a bad way to go) and have to take mandated breaks.

     Imagine for a minute if the chiropractoradjusted every single bone in your body all in one visit. You’d be like Gumby. It’d take you a week simply to get off the table. Ah, then there’s the dentist and doing all the fillings and extractions and crowns and all the other rotten stuff dentists do all at one time. Whew! That one hurts even to think about.

     Start by breaking up your daily “To Do” list…little pieces work better (like outline the Narrative section of the business plan,” which could take a couple of hours). Little pieces are more attainable, and achieving each will motivate you a whole lot more than having “Write Business Plan” on your list, which could take months.

     In other words, after chunking, chew. After chewing, digest. Your body wasn’t made to take a pounding 16 waking hours a day. Neither was your mind, nor your emotions. The more you push and force yourself, the longer you’ll take to complete each task, and the more likely you will be to screw up each task, not to mention the indigestion, heartburn, and ulcers that you’ll be cultivating. 

# # #      

Send your input anytime: (”Businessworks” in the subject line) or comment below. Thanks for visiting. Good night and God bless you! halalpiar              # # # 

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Dec 13 2008

Some scattered business observations . . .

Dogs, music, and BJ’s


. . . sounds a little raunchy, but remember the source.

       How hard is it to keep your stomach from gurgling with anxiety when you’ve got blog posts to put up and articles that need writing and editing, and the hours tick by, while no one at the cable company knows more than to tell you that your connections are not functioning?  Duh!  Uh, we called you, remember? 

     So me, the great 30-year teacher of stress management needs to . . . well, you know the rest. 

       A little diversionary follow-up report to yesterday’s post, btw, is that the BJ’s I mentioned, that had the gall to charge prospective customers for the privilege to shop in their new (197th) store, opened today.   

     The most telling comment I heard was that there were more people inside the store at any given moment of the day than live in the entire town (and probably four surrounding towns as well).  So that just goes to show you how little I know about what works anymore in retailing.  Who woulda thunk it?  Right, BJ’s! 

       But the good news is that the store is 100% perfect, bright, cheerful, beautifully laid out, lots of quality merchandise at very low prices, and offering a huge selection.  Just too crowded!  Oh, well.  We’ll try it on a weekday.  I’ll let you know.  Humpf!  

     I just wrote a reminder note for Monday Vet checkup appointment for my two dogs and that stool samples are needed.  Best place to put it is with my papers for early morning meeting with clients so I remember to get on the road asap after the meeting.  Hope the note doesn’t fall out.  “Bring poop samples to next meeting!” might be hard to explain.

       It’s weird to be typing this in Word instead of my friendly little blog window. 


I was reminded today of two things you can never get back:

the stones you throw and the words you use.


     Belated Happy Birthday to my son the musician.  We spoke (and I sang!) on his day, 12/11, but I hadn’t yet managed to squeeze Christopher into my blog.  Anyway, he sent me the following link that he ran across: . . . a pretty cool solo performance no matter what your level of music interest.

       Oh, right, dogs.  So now you know the slow motion truth of my brain activity.  But since you already know about their poop, you should want to know that one’s an all black 5 year-old cocker spaniel, Tuckerton (he’s named after NJ’s Tuckerton Seaport, a mile from where we once lived), and the other’s an 11½ year-old golden retriever, Barnegat (she’s named after NJ’s Barnegat Bay, where we once welcomed the waves onto our front yard).  Now you know why I’m not moving to Machipongo, VA, anytime soon.  

     I promise more substance tomorrow, assuming the great awakening of my cable company.  In the meantime, have a wonderful night.   halalpiar

 # # #

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