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“Thank you for your


service to our country!”


It’s so simple. That’s all it takes. Walk up to anyone in a military uniform — or anyone who proudly wears or displays an insignia identifying him or herself as a veteran or active officer or recruit, extend your arm to shake hands, look her or him in the eye and simply say: “Thank you for your service to our country!”

Not only will you make that person’s day, but (and this may surprise you) you’ll make your own as well. You’ll feel as pleased walking away as the person you took the ten seconds out of your life to stop!

Remember Memorial Day Weekend is more than beaches, BBQ’s and parties. It’s a time for tribute to those who have lost their lives and those who have served us all in defense of America.

What does this have to do with business to warrant attention on a business blog?

Your business and mine could not even exist without the courage, vigilance and protection of those who serve our country.


Thank you to all those who have served in and for the United States Armed Forces. You make and have made it possible for business owners and managers and entrepreneurs to be free to conduct business and grow business and make business work.

It is, after all, small business that has made this country great, and it will be small business that leads the way to economic recovery. You who have served our nation have kept small business pathways clear.

Now it’s the job of small business to step it up and take advantage of those openings to regain the economic stability that government and big business lost along the way.


“Thank you for your service to our country!”



Make this statement of appreciation part of your ongoing daily practice.

Extend these words with every armed services encounter (as well as the seldom-expressed recognition due our police, fire and EMS personnel too).

You will in fact be boosting your own business as well as your own reputation for caring about what’s truly important… because it is!”


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