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Today’s News Report . . .

“Economists are now


calculating the odds


that the economy will


  slide back into


another recession”


What? “Another” recession? What happened to the first one? Everybody I know in my business and personal life thinks the first one that was ignited by Mr. Obama never went away! In fact everyone I ask thinks it’s just gotten worse, and is now on track to compete with The Great Depression of the 1930s.


So, please, political and media people (assuming a difference), stop pulling our chain! Do you think for one heartbeat  –that because the White House pretends the recession has passed, it’s over and done, and that now we may be looking at a 2nd one–  that such nonsense could be anything but a lie to manipulate voter opinion?

First of all, who on Earth thinks we might “slide back into another recession” besides braindead economists who busy themselves “calculating odds” instead of telling Mr. Obama and the other spendthrifts (like Harry, Joe, Nancy, Chuck and Barney…even sounds like a bad cartoon) that we are still in the same recession that we’ve been in?

…and that the only way out of this mess is to embrace small business instead of continuing to terrorize it. Small business, every economist knows, is the only source of new job creation. Tell the White House to do what should have been done for 3 years: Extend tax-cut incentives to small business to encourage new jobs! Period. 

In truth, that same recession has now escalated into The Great Obama Depression, the likes of which we haven’t experienced since the 193os. The whole debt ceiling fiasco has solved nothing. It’s simply opened floodgates to even higher taxes and yet even more increased spending. Don’t doubt it. We the people have been had!

Just as FDR’s policies unnecessarily prolonged The Great Depression another 5 years, Mr. Obama’s agenda is clearly hellbent on worsening and unnecessarily prolonging The Great Obama Depression — making it a dependency-creating political tool. Jobs? Who cares? Everything’s FREE. Of course I’ll vote for the gift-horse and get more! 

What makes it just or moral for the government to decide who gets what? Share-the-wealth Socialism does not work. Never has. Never will. Check your history books.


This runaway tax and spend trainwreck of an Administration doesn’t care that real people with real small businesses are struggling, that real unemployed people and their real families are suffering, that America is starting to look like a nation of bumbling incompetents in our own citizens’ eyes and the eyes of many other nations.

You own or manage a small business or professional practice. So you know the only way to end it all is to end it all: on November 6, 2012. And that means starting NOW, not next week. Mr. Obama –in the midst of every conceivable kind of national calamity– has been busy: he’s already held an all-time-record 37 fund-raising events!

So, yes, our work is cut out for us, but there are 30 MILLION of us . . . 30 MILLION small business owners in America who know what hard work is all about. Is it worth the futures of your children and grandchildren and great- grandchildren for you to put off getting actively involved for even another day? Is it?

The decision you make now to move your business forward and to influence others to support candidates who support small business will bring results on November 6, 2012, that will affect this, plus your next two generations of your family.

It’s really this simple:

More government interference in our lives, or less?


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