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How much is enough? How much is too much? I cannot recall a time or circumstance –ever– in my life when a sincere “Thank You” provoked trouble or, more importantly, failed to prompt a smile or increased cooperation or an enhanced reputation, or more courtesy in return. Can you? Think hard. Be honest. Thank you.

So, small business owners learn early on, by instinct, that every customer needs to be thanked with every purchase. But how often do we remember to offer thanks to our employees, partners, investors, referrers, suppliers, lenders, visiting sales reps, the cleaning and delivery people, outside consultants, the communities your business serve? 

Really. How often?Considering that sincere “Thank You’s” motivate people, if your answer to “How Often?” is a period of time any longer than a matter of hours, it’s not enough. 

Okay, so you always say “Thank You!” That’s great! CONGRATULATIONS! You are ahead of the pack. Now you need to ask yourself how sincere you are (REALLY!) when you offer your gratitude. Do you, in other words, look someone in the eye when you thank her or him? Do you shake hands or pat backs?

Or . . . do you just keep right on working, and keep your head down, like having to look up and smile and take 3 seconds out of your life is an inconvenient interruption? Do you keep talking on the phone or keep texting or emailing while tossing a half-hearted “Thanks” over your shoulder.

How do you feel

when others treat YOU

so nonchalantly?


In the end, “G” for GRATITUDE comes back full circle to “A” for AUTHENTICITY because token expressions of appreciation mean that the actions or words that earned a “Thank You” were considered routine, not special, and worthy of just a tiny, off-the-cuff mention. (No, don’t go rush off the deep end with smothering hugs and kisses!)

There is much to be said for following “The Golden Rule” in business . . . of “doing unto others what you would want others to do unto you,” and there may be no better place to apply it than with each of those with whom you come into daily contact.

The more you offer sincere gratefulness — thanking others and meaning it — the greater the odds you will see positive responses be triggered. Why? Because of what you already know: what goes around comes around!

If you don’t already, try thanking the restaurant waitress AND  the water server AND the table clearer with as sincere a smile and expression of thanks as you would give an angel investor who walks in and plunks down a no-strings-attached $250,000 check as an investment in your business. Go ahead. Try it. What’s to lose?

People notice and people talk. And, not to motivate, but simply to be conscious of: You might be amazed at being remembered by the water server, who could turn out to be related to a partner or lender or top client. “Hey!” (they used to say in NY Lottery advertising) “Y’never know!”

Say it.

Mean it.

Say it again.

It can never be too much.

Thank you.    


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