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Labor Day Leftovers . . .


White House, union thugs


seek to rally violence,




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On –of all days– Labor Day, and in –of all places– Detroit, home of the highest unemployment rate in the US (nearly 16%!), we get bone-chilling reports of attempts to incite violence from two LINOs (Leaders In Name Only).

The spitting of vicious words was barely even acknowledged by mainstream media.  “Union King” Jimmy Hoffa, Jr, and Mr. O combined efforts to threaten violence (and ignore that it was even a threat!).

Over-the-top Junior Hoffa shouted out a rally cry to:

“Take out those (Tea Party)

sons of bitches”


. . . as part of his rant and rave Labor Day speech. This kind of inflammatory rhetoric has no place in a democratic society, and has even less of a place coming from the mouth of a purported “leader.”

Mr. O, in an disgraceful throw-back to Chicago thug days, made no attempt to soften the comments or language, and –in fact, just seconds later– proceeded to praise Hoffa.

Pretty amazing behavior for a man who claims to embrace peace and forgiveness over violence (reference his 2008 campaign speeches), eh? 

If any of us (among 30 million small business owners) were ever to make such inciteful fist-thrusting comments about business competitors, we would be out of business (or in jail) by 9am tomorrow.

How is it even possible that such low-life comments can be made in public? Freedom of speech? HA! How about inciting a riot? How about defamation? How about common courtesy? How about considering the impact on young people? How about having a brain?

But then, perhaps it’s just more reinforcement that politics is a career for the brainless, yes?

What’s the bottom line?

The enemy of small business

is the constant exposure

to hateful politics,


So, do we swear off of politics? Well, first of all, such an intention (like those that pave that famous road) might sound honorable, but it’s really not possible unless you do a guru-on-the-mountaintop thing. Politics invades every inch of our lives, and the worst of it dominates. Well, we could always avoid the media, right?

How is it, for example, that the nation awaits Mr. O’s much-too-long-overdue promise of a job speech and supposed plan (that was needed three years ago!), while we ignore Mitt Romney’s thoughtful, reasonable, and immediate business-positive plan to reverse our dying economy?

How do meaningful and positive suggestions from those who embrace Tea Party thinking get immediately dismissed by the ruling Socialist radicals without giving even the time of day?

Why must the White House expend more time and money and energy seeking re-election votes than tending to the immediate needs of the American people? What about righting our sinking economic ship instead of praising the ignorance of an empty-suit union leader because he controls large blocs of votes?


Icing on the cake:

Mr. Biden today called

Tea Party supporters:


Talk about unbelievable


It really is getting close to that time when the present anti-business (and especially anti-small business) White House must be upended and removed from office. Are you speaking out? Are you taking steps to initiate action — to motivate and inspire others to the importance of choosing America’s direction and the direction of small business.

Are you ready to thrive again? Are you ready to help ensure return to our free enterprise small business system that has always been the backbone and heart of our nation? November 6, 2012. Be there. 


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