May 22 2011

USA TODAY: Do you think we’re stupid?

The front page lead story on “Unemployment Worst Since 1930s” for your 5/21/11-5/22/11  weekend edition starts out with a qualifying statement about the recession having ended over two years ago . . .


Surely You Jest!



Your paper has a reputation among many businesspeople of  being a highly opinionated medium (vs. a showcase for responsible reporting that probes beneath the surface of what’s printed, that carries an air of integrity instead of marching to the innuendo drums of alarmist and manipulative journalism).

Like the empty stories produced by low-grade tabloid papers and sensationalist TV news programs, yours are clearly the fodder of simpletons. For your paper to survive the long haul, it will need to step up to the complexities of providing information realistically, particularly as it relates to small business.

To be effective enough to grow externally, you must grow first internally, by exercising sufficient integrity to cut the White House puppet strings . . . to actually report the news objectively and honestly.

It’s true that you’re not known for such bold moves, but consider the following:

There are 30 million small business owners in America. (And pardon me for not giving you back one of your little pie charts showing that at least 90% of all new jobs are created by small business, especially NEW small business.)

And we 30 million are not stupid!

Your thinly-veiled suggestive lead-in (one of endless numbers) is trying to say that there is no longer any recession, that the recession is well on its way out of quagmireville.


Not only is that simply not true, it is a misleading and deceptive cover-up for what you well know to be fact:

. . . that Mr. Obama and his free-wheeling taxes and reckless spending have rapidly exacerbated a difficult economy into a catastrophe.


And the truth? The truth is there is no end in sight until Mr. Obama has been replaced. No, I am not some radical conservative on the warpath, or some uninformed run-at-the-mouth businessperson, nor am I interested or capable of running for anything, except in my daily exercise program.

Surely you disagree (I assume you well know where your bread is buttered), so don’t take my word for it.

Instead, take one of your famous surveys. Poll a statistically representative number of the 30 million small business owners and ask them:

  • Has the recession been over for more than two years?

  • Is the recession over now?

  • When will the recession end? (for those who think it’s still here).

  • Why is the recession still around? (for those who think it is still around).


The truth is that the recession has not gone away, not even in even the slightest, that it will unlikely go away for another two years after the 2012 election, even if the nation is fortunate enough to unseat the power-mongers that rule the White House . . . Messrs. Obama and Biden have proven themselves incapable of appropriate, responsive leadership and decision-making.

Not only do they fail to understand what small business is really all about, Messrs. Obama and Biden have been doing their best to undermine and squash every attempt by small business to straighten out what the two of them and their union-vote cronies have made crooked.  

History proves that small business is solely responsible for job creation, and has proven itself as the only entity capable of turning the economy around. Government job creation is meaningless and a waste of tax dollars.

Perhaps your writers who opinionate on business-related subjects should be talking with real business people (vs. corporate executives and government flunkies who lack complete understanding of entrepreneurial reality. Perhaps they should do a little research on why entrepreneurial ventures represent the only real chance we have for regaining economic and employment balance, in addition to global dollar value and reputation.  

If I can be so bold as to suggest it, a good starting point is to not react to what’s said here, but to instead respond by taking a meaningful scroll through daily posts made on this blog over the past nearly four years. There’s nothing new here, except the stating of my opinion that your paper’s “news coverage” has far exceeded the bounds of responsible reporting. Maybe that can still be fixed?


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Aug 22 2010




#1.  It has been proven conclusively and repeatedly that job creation is the only pathway to economic recovery, growth and stability.

  •  Federal statistics released this week demonstrate that U.S. jobless rates continue to rise. The value of the dollar continues to fall.
  •  None of this matters to you? If you run a small business, it should. And what follows may matter even more to you.

 #2.  America’s entrepreneurs constitute this nation’s “agent of change” talent pool. Entrepreneurial ventures now account for over 30 million small businesses in the U.S.

 #3.  The overwhelming majority of new jobs in the U.S. is — and has always been — created by small business.

 #4.  The federal government – with no business experience at any level — has been giving staggering amounts of cash handouts to big business, which creates virtually no new jobs.

 #5.  Federal civil servants (which is a nice way of saying “people who haven’t an ounce of entrepreneurial spirit or savvy, and probably haven’t a single innovative hair on their bodies”) received an average pay and benefits in 2009 [according to a USA TODAY analysis reported today] of $123,049. The average private sector worker earned $61,051 total.


Where’s the incentive?


Misplaced of course. And why would you not look to a federal employment career where you can make twice as much money as you could by working for a private business? You’d have to be crazy!


On the other hand, maybe you believe in yourself (not a common characteristic among federal employees . . . except for those who hold elective office).

Maybe you actually believe in the spirit of America, and don’t care about being disregarded, dismissed and just plain dissed. You think it’s time to take a stand for small business? You either do or you don’t.

If you don’t, you’re clearly in favor of providing bailouts to corporate giants and gargantuan financial support programs for totally useless federal ventures that – like most federal civil servant position compensation plans – simply drain the economy and put nothing back in. Is that what you went into business for?

Brain surgery certification is not a prerequisite for being able to understand that small business represents America’s only viable economic solution, and that continued reckless spending to underwrite federal and corporate pursuits is not the answer.

It’s a safe bet that any small business owner could easily and realistically $100 million in totally wasted spending inside of a ten-minute interview. Start with federal employee salaries!


 “The average federal salary


[according to USA TODAY],


“has grown 33 percent faster


than inflation since 2000. . . 


and pays an average of 20


percent more than private


firms for comparable




Federal workers are overpaid. Period.


Oh, and what are they overpaid WITH? Tax dollars of course. And how many of those tax dollars come from honest, hard-working, small business entities? Connect the dots.

Does it frustrate you to have your business growth and job creation opportunities be constantly limited and handcuffed, be over-regulated and over-taxed by politicians who are supposed to be representing you?

Does it undermine the very existence of your business to have to answer to politicians who are not business-minded, have no sense of business, do nothing to stimulate a competitive environment in the marketplace, and just don’t get it?                                                                                                    

 If these situations bother you, there are two important things you can do:

 1) Put your business into overdrive

. . . and develop more innovative and more economical ways to market your products and services, and to attract and reward and appreciate your customers.

 2) Start taking steps on your own behalf

. . . and on behalf of restoring this nation’s economy, by working with others in your industry, profession and community to replace those who spend what you earn on initiatives designed to hold you down, so they can spend even more of what you earn.  

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Dec 14 2008


The sky is falling!  


What is this,


Chicken Little?


     Enough of this doom and gloom crap, already. 

     The only ones out there who are doing their jobs successfully are the two-faced mainstream media alarmist exaggerators!  And they have become so effective at brainwashing public opinion that they’re making the rest of us look like fools! 

     U.S. business owners and managers everywhere are walking face down with slumped shoulders.  They’re tsk-tsk-tsking the same people they had been rah-rah-rahing to build their businesses just a few short months ago. 

     What is this, Chicken Little?  The sky is falling? 

The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun, Time, Newsweek, and majority of other U.S. propaganda news publications . . . plus ABC, CBS, NBC, TNT, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, and majority of other propaganda news broadcasters have been doing their damnedest to paint our lives bleak and hopeless. 


     They have made every manipulative, conceivable effort to create unrest and depression.  Why?  It’s in their best interests; it serves them well: 

1. They’ve made the public hungry to find out more about this economic monster that’s crushing in around us on all sides, which sells newspapers and grows broadcast audiences (which attracts advertisers and commands higher rates).

2. They’ve made us search desperately for light so they can rally us to overcome the odds and revel in the brightness they think they can lead us all to, from out of the dark shadows they’ve created and wrapped around us.  (This is also designed to build sales, increase rates, and attract advertisers.) 

3. It helps them justify their years of relentless attacks on a President they despise, and pave the way for their annointed savior next month.  Unfortunately, nothing in their optimism could be more pessimistic.  (And this bit of shortsightedness may actually cost them money!)

4. Nothing (nothing) could be further from reality than the strategic roads they ride, but reality doesn’t sell newspapers or build viewer and listener bases — that command higher rates and sell more advertising. 

     What these great mind-bending institutions have failed to realize, however, is that they can never take away our freedom of choice.  And what we need to realize –to rise above the din of narrow-minded defeatest thinking that mainstream media representatives would have us wallow in– is that we CAN think and behave as we choose. 

     We can choose to simply reject all the nonsense the media would have us associate with their “recession” drumbeats.  We need only to look inside ourselves as business owners and managers, as key pieces to the business and economy turnaround leadership puzzle. 

     Finding fault doesn’t find the path out! Cutting budgets doesn’t create sales! 

     We need only to exercise our own intestinal fortitude as a nation of entrepreneurs, as a nation of businesspeople driven to achieve.  We are believers to the core.  We are people who exercise universal charity, who reach out to help the downtrodden back up onto their feet.  We see problems as opportunities. 

     We business owners and managers inspire by doing.  We do not accept the negative values that the media or others try to put upon us.  As a nation, we strive to be winners.  By charging forward to scale the heights, and by reaching beyond where others think is possible, we brighten the lights that bring hope to this planet.  halalpiar         

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