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#1.  It has been proven conclusively and repeatedly that job creation is the only pathway to economic recovery, growth and stability.

  •  Federal statistics released this week demonstrate that U.S. jobless rates continue to rise. The value of the dollar continues to fall.
  •  None of this matters to you? If you run a small business, it should. And what follows may matter even more to you.

 #2.  America’s entrepreneurs constitute this nation’s “agent of change” talent pool. Entrepreneurial ventures now account for over 30 million small businesses in the U.S.

 #3.  The overwhelming majority of new jobs in the U.S. is — and has always been — created by small business.

 #4.  The federal government – with no business experience at any level — has been giving staggering amounts of cash handouts to big business, which creates virtually no new jobs.

 #5.  Federal civil servants (which is a nice way of saying “people who haven’t an ounce of entrepreneurial spirit or savvy, and probably haven’t a single innovative hair on their bodies”) received an average pay and benefits in 2009 [according to a USA TODAY analysis reported today] of $123,049. The average private sector worker earned $61,051 total.


Where’s the incentive?


Misplaced of course. And why would you not look to a federal employment career where you can make twice as much money as you could by working for a private business? You’d have to be crazy!


On the other hand, maybe you believe in yourself (not a common characteristic among federal employees . . . except for those who hold elective office).

Maybe you actually believe in the spirit of America, and don’t care about being disregarded, dismissed and just plain dissed. You think it’s time to take a stand for small business? You either do or you don’t.

If you don’t, you’re clearly in favor of providing bailouts to corporate giants and gargantuan financial support programs for totally useless federal ventures that – like most federal civil servant position compensation plans – simply drain the economy and put nothing back in. Is that what you went into business for?

Brain surgery certification is not a prerequisite for being able to understand that small business represents America’s only viable economic solution, and that continued reckless spending to underwrite federal and corporate pursuits is not the answer.

It’s a safe bet that any small business owner could easily and realistically $100 million in totally wasted spending inside of a ten-minute interview. Start with federal employee salaries!


 “The average federal salary


[according to USA TODAY],


“has grown 33 percent faster


than inflation since 2000. . . 


and pays an average of 20


percent more than private


firms for comparable




Federal workers are overpaid. Period.


Oh, and what are they overpaid WITH? Tax dollars of course. And how many of those tax dollars come from honest, hard-working, small business entities? Connect the dots.

Does it frustrate you to have your business growth and job creation opportunities be constantly limited and handcuffed, be over-regulated and over-taxed by politicians who are supposed to be representing you?

Does it undermine the very existence of your business to have to answer to politicians who are not business-minded, have no sense of business, do nothing to stimulate a competitive environment in the marketplace, and just don’t get it?                                                                                                    

 If these situations bother you, there are two important things you can do:

 1) Put your business into overdrive

. . . and develop more innovative and more economical ways to market your products and services, and to attract and reward and appreciate your customers.

 2) Start taking steps on your own behalf

. . . and on behalf of restoring this nation’s economy, by working with others in your industry, profession and community to replace those who spend what you earn on initiatives designed to hold you down, so they can spend even more of what you earn.  

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