Oct 04 2015

DAY 20 – 30 Days To The New Economy

Your Role In History As An Entrepreneur


Adapted from the book 30 DAYS TO THE NEW ECONOMY written and published by Peggy Salvatore

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The flexibility of the global markets – everywhere, everyone, all the time – means products and services can be delivered from your place of business on the Internet to the customer’s location in the same way.


VIRTUAL products (e.g., software, books, music):

already a natural medium.

PHYSICAL products: now becoming a natural medium.

3D printing allows many kinds of products and parts to be assembled on site by downloading software to build products by the customer. Customers only need the material to create the products on location.

3D Shark

One of the issues with matching mass production to local markets has been transportation and warehousing of raw materials and finished products. 3D production eliminates, or will soon eliminate, one or more of these transfers for a wide range of product-based businesses.

Efficient production puts factories near the source of raw materials which could be halfway around the globe from your market. With global markets, raw material processing happens near the source of materials which are then delivered to where products are produced at the customer site.

Throughout history, efficiencies have grown markets.

This development is no different.


While assembling products onsite requires only the transfer of raw materials to the customer location, the expansion of markets grows the number of end users.

Economic development happens more rapidly in areas that now need mainly an Internet connection and a reliable source of power to become a viable market for your products – both virtual and physical.

The limiting factors remain the availability of power and water. The new entrepreneurs believe those problems can be solved, and they are actively seeking answers.

Power Symbol

As noted earlier in this series, we are very early in the New Economy and are still building the infrastructure so much of the opportunity is building the virtual roads and rails into the future.

Even in situations where finished products are mass produced and need to be transported, robotics simplifies production. Robotics reduces the number of humans needed to assemble products and, consequently, also the number who need to be trained as assemblers, as programmers, and as equipment calibration specialists.

Local education and workforce availability is

not a major factor in locating a factory today.


Since line-driven powered machinery was invented, workers have revolted against automation fearing for their jobs. However, in each instance, the quality of peoples’ lives have improved, as well as the quality of products produced, and people’s time is collectively –presumably, for those outplaced– freed for higher level pursuits.


The promise of manufacturing in the New Economy turns on how you view progress. You’re likely to have one of two views of the world:

  • View 1: You believe advances solve problems, make solutions available to more people, and raise all of humanity in waves.
  • View 2: You believe knowledge is finite, all that can be known is already known, and we can’t solve our problems because our known resources do not meet everyone’s needs.

Entrepreneurs (Especially INTERNET entrepreneurs)

in the New Economy hold fast to View 1.

They believe that what lies beyond the known frontier

is the place where advances for humanity lie.

Internet Joe senses what is there and moves toward it

because he knows problems=opportunities,

and he knows it’s his choice.

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Where does the past still control the present in your business pursuits?

C’mon back TOMORROW 10/6 for Day 21 —

 Imagine INVENTORY and DELIVERY. . .

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