DAY 22 – 30 Days To The New Economy

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Your Role in History as an Entrepreneur




Adapted from the book 30 DAYS TO THE NEW ECONOMY by Peggy Salvatore


The rapid acquisition and deployment of knowledge means that all organizations that plan to survive also have a process for knowledge acquisition, retention, management, and transfer in their business plan. Forward thinking organizations today consider themselves learning organizations.Meeting Table

As an entrepreneur in the New Economy, even though you may be small, your responsibility is to not only know what is going on but to contribute to the body of knowledge.

  • Remember: All the Internet Joe’s around the globe are learning and building this ship together so sharing what you’ve learned and what you are developing (without, of course, revealing trade secrets like product ingredients and proportions or your intended branding or marketing approach) is part of that responsibility and defines in part your value as a member of the global business community.

There are TWO PARTS to this knowledge acquisition and sharing. One is the internal knowledge of your individual product or service and the second part is the external learning about the infrastructure you are building either deliberately or inadvertently by participating in the New Economy.

PART ONE: Internal knowledge

Whether you are operating alone, with a handful of close team members or a cast of 100s, you need to store and transfer knowledge about product development, marketing, deployment and all other aspects of your business to assure continuity.

When you’ve built a global community of customers, they will have questions and need support. Codify, iterate, revise, update, repeat. Consider yourself in a constant state of beta.

  • Remember: We said that one of the advantages Internet Joe has is the ability to be agile and nimble. This requires a state of continuous learning which is a mindset of quality improvement. Because you aren’t taking a large organization with you, when you learn something new, as an Internet entrepreneur you are able to capitalize on that information and pivot instantaneously.

Learning Org Chart

PART TWO: External knowledge

The intimate relationship you develop with your customers through their personal communication devices is the basis of your ongoing learning. You are learning what works, what they like about your product and service, what needs improvement and when you haven’t hit the mark.

Your systems and connections are creating the need for the kind and amount of infrastructure required to build the New Economy. When you share what you need and what you’ve learned about commerce with others in the online business community, the network grows.

What we know changes every minute!

. . . and what you do with it will be different

than what someone else does with it . . . So consider

recording it . . . sharing it.  That process puts the next

step on the ladder within reach for all by raising

the net worth (and the stakes) for all players.

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“Financing Your Business” isn’t like car dealership

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