DAY 3 – 30 Days To The New Economy

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Your Role in History as an Entrepreneur


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Adapted from the book 30 DAYS TO THE NEW ECONOMY

written and published by Peggy Salvatore

Yesterday, we touched on the idea of Internet business      opportunities being the new $390-an-ounce gold   . . . . . . . and concluded it’s going to go way higher
for “Frontier Pioneers!”


I likened the technological frontier to early Americans who joined a wagon train to head into the Western American frontier in the middle of the 19th Century looking for un-mined opportunities.

All of this set the stage for today’s ancient question:

How can you know where you’re going
if you don’t know where you came from?


In a virtual world, un-mined opportunities are virtual too. If you think about the history of business over the last 500 years in a linear way, it is clear that we are heading into a third revitalization of the world economy as people adapt to new opportunities that technology has opened.

Some have referred to this epoch as “The Third Wave.”

In the first wave of opportunity, after sailors dramatically proved to mapmakers (by not falling off the horizon edge) that the world was not flat, global business opportunities opened up.

A merchant class emerged and dislodged the traditional power centers built around the kings and kingdoms of antiquity. Global tradewinds—in essence—democratized business. Wealth spread to a whole large new group of people willing to take risks.

The establishment of American colonies on a large, undeveloped land mass created yet more opportunities for new political and economic models to be tested safely away from the established old controls of entrenched power.

Merchant mentality spread to the previously disenfranchised masses and –VOILA!—the small business owner was born.

Mom and Pop shops proliferated beyond the old world butcher-baker-candlestick maker paradigm.
Mom and Pops opened banks.
Mom and Pops built all types of small businesses to support the growing manufacturing base built on bigger dollars funded by oil, coal, lumber, railroad and textile tycoons of the late 19th century.
A few Mom and Pops became franchises, and birthed their own corporations as well.

In the 20th Century, opportunity spread down to Everyman. It spread the same way that technology and genetics spread throughout human history–mostly through war–but now more frequently aided by commerce.

Progress through commerce became the late 20th Century model. It started to appear that the world economy would advance by peaceful means. War, it seemed, was becoming an outdated method of trans- ferring knowledge, wealth, power and genetics.

Then in the first decade of the 21st Century, something went horribly awry. War overtook commerce as the global force for economic power.

As we look at the trajectory of history, however, war no longer appears to be a sustainable model for economic power and growth. Let me suggest—crossed fingers behind my back—that war is having its last stand, albeit a very nasty one.

The unrelenting wars of today, threatening huge swaths of humanity and the land on which they live, seem more like the last gasp of a dying paradigm in the face of the Internet and the connectivity of Everyman, everywhere, as the new economy.

How dare I say that? Tune in here tomorrow!

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See you here tomorrow 9/11 for Day 4.

For more information on Peggy Salvatore’s book: 30 Days to the New Economy [© Peggy Salvatore 2015. All Rights Reserved.] click on ENTREPRENEUR NEWS or visit for the E-book

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