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To Infinity And Beyond

Adapted from the book 30 DAYS TO THE NEW ECONOMY written and published by Peggy Salvatore



Can you grasp the fact that we are living on the cusp of incredible opportunity? The amount of information available to us instantaneously is staggering, and we have come to take it for granted.


Let me contrast today’s mobile app world to just 20 years ago when I did health policy research. Before writing a white paper, I had to write physical letters or make a landline phone call to Washington DC to the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) to request government documents.

Then, guess what came next? Right. I would wait a week or two until some diligent librarian gathered the documents and sent me a bulky yellow envelope stuffed with the precious statistics I sought.

• Since I did a lot of government-related policy work at that time, most of my contact was with the U.S. GPO. The GPO was arguably one of the most responsive organizations I encountered. In those days, for data and studies not conducted by the U.S. government, gathering information was—believe it or not—actually more challenging.

• Non-government-generated research required me to spend time at local public or university libraries, getting to know the research librarians, hunting through dusty stacks and filling out paper request forms to be sent into the library system to look for information.

Imagine the limitations

Linear indexes. No embedded links. No Google. No social media. Books, studies and reports were listed in sets of thick, hard-backed tomes lining the research shelves of local libraries. Legal and medical research required similar effort.

That linear aspect of gathering information first required that you had some clue about what you were looking for. Nobody was pushing information to your inbox because you expressed an interest in a topic.

You were of course also limited in the ways that knowledge was built. You only knew the information that you specifically sought, so your research would have a defined trajectory from a specific point.

Today, global consulting firms like Deloitte and IBM make white papers available for download in my inbox literally every day. I can’t begin to consume all the information that is interesting to me. And guess what? I now know to look for knowledge that I could not have even imagined existed two decades ago.

My research now has multiple starting points and can take me in an almost limitless number of directions. Knowledge indeed has become exponential. After all, anyone can edit a Wikipedia entry, all 3 billion of us with an Internet connection.

In 1995 (yes, just 20 years ago!), less than 1% of the world’s population had an Internet connection. I had one, but connected to what? We hadn’t really begun to explore the potential of what would reside online.

[Accessed 6/3/2015 at]

This evolutionary process repeats itself for everything.

Not too long ago, if I wanted new shoes, I walked to the shoe store, looked at a limited selection of colors, styles and sizes and either settled for whatever was in my size or ordered something more to my liking through the retail store and waited for delivery.

Some online catalogs have delivered products directly to consumers since the early 1900s, but—with a few notable exceptions like LL Bean—catalog purchases were considered low quality and provided even more limited selection than the venerable old department stores.

You may think I am belaboring the obvious.

You may even be yawning…?


Realize, though, that I describe life only 20 years ago, when today’s college graduates were teething. The speed of knowledge has grown exponentially, so much so that I saw a statistic yesterday that stated 90% of the data available today has been collected in the last two years (!). Phenomenal or what?

What are the gems hiding in that data? How much more will we know by next year? What other assumptions and paradigms will be smashed next year, next month . . . next week?

Your ability to collect and process information makes you part of this surge toward a future none of us can fully grasp, although some futurists have come very close. Raw data has no inherent value but the interpretation of that data is priceless.

Boiled down to its simplest essence: Economics is the trading of value among individuals, corporations and nations. We are accruing a mind-boggling amount of value in transactions involving information, goods and services occurring in milliseconds simultaneously among billions of interconnected humans today, right now . . . as we speak . . . as you read . . . as I write.

The New Economy is just breaking out.

To quote that great “Toy Story” character Buzz Lightyear, we are headed “To infinity and beyond.”

Are you ready? Are you on the way?

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