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“Those were the days, my friend,


I thought they’d never end . . .”



Has it ever occurred to you — not only the breakneck speed with which tech developments have impacted the reality of business– that our now instantaneous global communication capabilities and no-longer private existences have birthed many new kinds of businesses?

Well, I don’t often put my head up long enough to contemplate the plight of businesses other than those I’m working with (and most assuredly our new blazing brazen lifestyles have impacted all business), but an incident just took place that prompted me to consider this. 

A major, many-miles-long traffic accident back-up (New Jersey, where else?) that I found myself in the middle of, produced a stop-and-go, inch-along situation for more than an hour. I began paying closer attention to other vehicles than I might usually, and pulled alongside a truck with lots of exclamation-type messages plastered on the sides and back.

The truck signs said:

“We Destroy Almost Anything!”


And, in addition to other bullet points, the signage promised a “Certificate of Destruction” to service customers. The company name was ABSOLUTE SHREDDING, LLC. promising services for the complete destruction of data! The signage promoted accessibility via 865.575.9915 and their website address which is their name and ends in .BIZ (which I have not direct-linked because I haven’t checked it out, by the way).

Who knew?


Can you imagine –even just a few short years ago– the existence of such a business? (I get no compensation; I never heard of the company–or any company like it–before my stuck-in-traffic situation. And I cannot vouch for their performance being as effective as their ingenuity.



  • What businesses can you think of that would have had no reason to even exist five or ten years ago?

  • What parts of your business can you adjust to accommodate recent or current or anticipated market needs?

  • What needs to happen before you actually launch a new solution to an emerging need?

  • How can you do this for the smallest possible investment, and without jeopardizing your meat-and-potatoes business?

  • Is the risk reasonable enough to justify your time and money investments?

  • How soon can you do that? How soon should you do that?

  • What’s the roadblock to getting it done?

  • How can you get around, under or over that?

  • What specific steps can you take this week to get started?

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