DAY 15 – 30 Days To The New Economy

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Your Role In History As An Entrepreneur



Adapted from the book 30 DAYS TO THE NEW ECONOMY written and published by Peggy Salvatore

Always Seek Knowledge Acronym

Knowledge, confidence and a sense of adventure are the entrepreneurial trifecta. One or two makes someone a great employee but a successful entrepreneur needs all three.



Imagine confidence and a sense of adventure without knowledge – you have a risk taker who has no context and who won’t win the respect of employees and customers. There is a place in your startup for this person – perhaps cleaning windows on the 100th floor – but not at the helm.

What about knowledge and confidence without a sense of adventure – you have a good researcher and expert who won’t step out of her or his comfort zone. There is a place in your organization for this person in the lab, but not at the helm.

Imagine knowledge and a sense of adventure without confidence – you have a risk taker who will step out but is unable to follow through. There is a place for this person in your startup, perhaps as the pitch person, but not at the helm.

IMAGINE possibilities

An entrepreneur in the New Economy enters the global marketplace with a certain set of knowledge and skills to support his or her confidence and sense of adventure. That knowledge is the ticket to entry in the global entrepreneurial sweepstakes.

A successful entrepreneur in the New Economy has a learning mindset because the environment is always in motion. Remember our discussion earlier about the pace of knowledge and the rapid acquisition of data: 90% of what we know we have learned in the last two years.

What Internet Joe knows may have been true yesterday. However, with the rapid expanse of knowledge and data collection, that truth may be different today. In fact, if you are starting a new business, there is a pretty good chance you can assume you are operating with outdated information even as you develop your products and services.

In a fully interconnected, 24/7 marketplace,

knowledge isn’t static. It’s fluid.

And it includes knowing your SELF.

wise old owl

A business in the New Economy is a learning organization and that requires a learning CEO. The leader sets the example. There is an old saying that “leaders are readers.” More accurately, leaders are learners. As situations materialize and unfold, leaders can process what is happening and adjust their product, service or approach based on constantly changing data.

The world is always in beta and successful entrepreneurs practice agility. Think permanent beta and constant learning, and you have the essence of knowledge in the New Economy.


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