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Welcome to the world’s first SMALL BIZ Alphabet Series of blog posts!



If corporate types might be best equated with a musical instrument, it would likely be a bass drum. Big companies march to a loud, dull, steady, monotonous, unimaginative beat. They thrive on maintaining status quo.

And if government employees might be best equated with a musical instrument, it would probably be a kazoo because it requires no skill to use, except to be able to hum (and even politicians can hum!).

If you accept all or part of the above instrument assignments and accompanying rationales, then entrepreneurs might best be equated with a Xylophone. Like the other two match-ups, this instrument is self-energized, but unlike the other two, the xylophone requires both: musical skill and a sense of rhythm.

[Besides, there’s hardly an army of small business related words that start with the letter “X.” In fact, my dictionary displays only a few dozen words of any kind that start with the letter “X,” and so, as a matter of practicality –and my need to deliver what I started–  “Xylophone” seemed better than “x-ray”!]

The music that a xylophone actually does produce, by the way, is best characterized as bright, lively, cheerful, and allowing for great diversity, imagination, and –to be able to produce any music– self-discipline.

So there you are. If you’re the entrepreneurial spirit personified, Xylophones are in! If you’re not a true DNA entrepreneur, go hum or beat a drum. 

When did you last step back from what you’re doing, step back from your business, and what your business is doing? When did you last –like a doctor–perform a diagnostic workup on your SELF? On your business? Do you really want to know more about what others think? You should!

It is, after all, what others think –your reputation– that ultimately confirms your message, and determines your sales success. 

First of all, diagnostics always start with a patient history. So make a bullet list of high spots that you and your business have experienced in your lives. (Limit yourself to 3 minutes for each list.)

Next, start testing that history against things you know… abstract categories work best: musical instruments, animals, plants, sports, birds, song titles, cities… ask others what  (animal, plant, instrument, sport, etc.) they think you and/or your business are most closely associated with in their minds: a lion, fox, snake, turkey, hog, poison ivy, thorny vines, a mighty oak, MMA, hockey, fly fishing?

The most useful input on these assessments IF you can avoid rebuttal, and just quietly take in and process what you learn– comes from asking others how they would equate and match you and your business. (Remember to sincerely thank each person you ask, for each input, even when it may seem insulting to you!)

Now. take what you get, and sift through what you think are the meanings attached to each. Decide what fits best, and what directions that the equations others draw may best send you.

Then go!

Play your Xylophone!  


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