What Song Is Your Business?

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Here you are, set to your own music, on a blog platter:






Looking back into this site’s archives, I ran across a couple of posts I wrote titled, What Sport Is Your Business? and What’s Your T-Shirt Say?” Both are still timely and both are worthy of your quick review — if you actually get through this post!


An hour later (after looking back on those earlier posts), I found myself sitting in a parking lot playing with my new satellite car radio, and noticed a string of song titles that seemed to accurately (and often humorously) describe many past, present, and future business situations.

Here’s a sampler to kick your brain into gear enough for you to come up with your own songs that best represent your past, present, and future business (and yes, believe it or not, all of these were once big hits!):

  • Spooky

  • Those Were The Days

  • These Are The Days

  • Let It Snow

  • Let It Rock

  • Let The Sunshine In

  • Just A Dream

  • Dreams

  • Dreamin’

  • Trouble

  • Rescue Me

  • Slow ‘n Easy

  • Thin Air

  • Over My Head

  • Sailin’

  • Step Right Up

  • Animal Rights

  • Comin’ Under Fire

  • Up Against The Wall

  • Gone

  • It’s A Grand Night For Singing

  • Bad Luck

  • Hey Hey Hey

     . . . Add your own here:___________


Good job! Next, let’s start to explore if where your business is right now is where you want it to be. How did it get to this point? When you started it or picked it up or inherited it, did you infuse piles of energy and time and money into it? Are you still doing that? If you stopped somewhere along the way, when? Where? How?

Are you still “stopped”? (or pretending not to be, even though you know you are?) 

HOW are you choosing to stay there— stagnant, dormant, status quo? (In other words, what specific steps have you chosen to take, or are continuing to take every day, that have left your competitors little choice but to pass you by? What are you willing to do about that right NOW? What CAN you do right NOW?)

Where’s that spunk and gumption

that you started with?


It doesn’t take a fat bank account or 20-hour workdays or “breakthrough technology” to be able to pick up most businesses that have grown lethargic or have quietly given in to our stress-breeding economy in order to turn things around and/or get re-focused.

It takes acceptance of where things are, determination to get things moving again, recognition that it’s all a matter of choice and leadership (employee leadership, industry and market leadership, customer service and community leadership), and re-ignition of that burning desire to succeed to make it all work.

Can you? Of course you can. You got this far didn’t you? You’re reading this blog post, aren’t you? You want to, don’t you? Then, do it! Stop listening to negative, woe-is-me songs in your head (and on the radio!), and replace them with positive, upbeat tunes.


Just CHOOSE to change the channel!


Disney wasn’t far off base when he had

The Seven Dwarfs sing “Whistle While You Work!” 



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