On The Comeback Trail

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Every entrepreneur falls


and needs to get back up.


 There’s no doubt about it . . .

If you haven’t failed at business,

you’ll never be successful.


Implicit in that bit of wisdom is that you must make a strong recovery after being knocked down. And that takes guts and gumption.

Though some upstarts and some do-nothings may get themselves fired and need to find new jobs, corporate employees know little of this “Comback Trail” pursuit, or what it takes. Government employees? Their heads fall off when they try to even think about reinventing themselves.

But entrepreneurs? That’s what small business is all about. It’s a calling. It’s the excitement and challenge of being successful –making a success of your idea– against the odds! In other words, for an entrepreneur, reinventing yourself and your idea and your business –the action– is a way of life.

Unfortunately, some corporate muckity-mucks and top-ranking government officials who see themselves as voter-mandated, or hand-picked by those who consider themselves voter-mandated are often in the way.

They block entrepreneurial efforts to get back into the free market competition fray by throwing up roadblocks to economic progress under the guise of social reform. I mean hey, remember we’re talking about the same political types who think they need only to change their appearances and messages to make comebacks.

Small business owners know better. They recognize that it takes more than a haircut and flamboyant (or –as long as we’re onto “flam”–  inflammatory) oratory. Business comebacks demand changes that are grounded in substance. Putting a blue spotlight on the outfit doesn’t make it a blue suit. Talk does not cook rice. 

It is more important, say some misguided politicians, to make the whole world wonderful for every living soul no matter how much that state of bliss is earned or not earned, than to encourage small business growth and job creation.

The problem is

that the economy is the problem,


only small business job creation

can solve that problem,

and there’s not enough TRUST

in government to convince

small businesses to create jobs!


And, yes, that problem has to be solved before we can address other world needs from a position of strength.

The bottom line is that there’s nothing wrong with reinventing yourself and/or your business in order to get back up off the floor and revitalize a staggering or TKO’d business venture. The world’s most successful entrepreneurs have all done that repeatedly.

What IS wrong is to make a half-hearted effort at it, or an intentionally deceptive or manipulative one. You’ll never “dance with the stars” or get back up on your feet if you’re wearing cement shoes (an old Mafia saying). To put yourself on the comeback trail, focus your energy on the here-and-now present moment, not the finish line.

A map is useful, but always be prepared for detours. And never give up your ideas, your pursuits of them, or your sense of integrity. The trail you seek is just around the corner. It will all work if you will

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