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Do you fit it,



grow it, break it,



or live with it?




I know how much you’ve been wanting for some intellect rising on this complex subject matter, so, okay, here it is. After reading this post, may you never again need to deal with mold in your career! This is my take on the subject:


If you “FIT the mold,”

. . . you probably work for big corporation and you’re happy as a pig in mud with your weekends, vacation, personal and sick days, benefit plans, and your acquired ability to analyze things to death while you cover your butt with one hand, and climb the internal political ladder with the other.

You also don’t like your your $50 tie, $100 white shirt, or your pay, but hey, who does?

You’re no doubt fed up with commuting costs too, but keep a lid on that complaint because fitting the mold also assures you of lunch hours, coffee breaks, holidays off, your own cubicle — maybe even a corner office if you’re a hot-shot — and you don’t want to sound too ungrateful with such long lines at the unemployment office.


If you “GROW mold,”

. . . it’s because you’re ambivalent, lethargic, basically lazy, and skilled at staying under the radar on the job. The last time you were innovative was when you helped the neighbor’s kids set up a lemonade stand in the driveway. Other than that, you’ve never had to think for yourself.

Your most complicated decisions have typically been whether or not to deal yourself another hand of solitaire. At least 3 people in your family have benefited from your counseling about how to qualify for welfare and food stamps. You work for the government.


If you “BREAK the mold,”

. . . Congratulations! You’re an entrepreneur. Here are a couple of links that will shed some light on your bizzare behaviors. You don’t buy lottery tickets, take long vacations, bet the farm,  or head off to AC, Las Vegas or Mohegan Sun with your paycheck every month — because you take only reasonable risks.

You have a big ego, but don’t expend a lot of energy struttin’ your stuff because your msission in life is to make your business idea successful. You grew up in or around a family business, hated school, resented authority, sold something door-to-door, and you are free-wheeling but practical.

Your neighbor’s father, who worked for the government for 35 years, once helped you set up a lemonade stand in the driveway.


If you “LIVE WITH mold,”

. . . you are a more-tolerent-than-is-good-for-you business manager or partner who knows your boss needs a swift kick in that place that corporate guys always cover. You know a shakeup is inevitable, but don’t like to make waves, and probably feel beholden to your boss or partner for taking you in when times were (like today?) less than promising.

Oh well, there are always mold removal services . . . probably a useful awareness for November 6, 2012.


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