Backyard Vacation?

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You never dreamed it at


startup, but now you know


entrepreneurs don’t


vacation . . . 


 even when they can. 


Home-based business vacations usually begin –and end– in the backyard. Family business vacations are often jammed into family vacation properties, usually not more than a state or two or three, or just a few counties, away. And you thought your life just wasn’t privileged enough?

REAL vacations are the stuff of academia, corporate muckity-mucks, braindead politicians and that rare breed of entrepreneurs who have made it so big that they no longer need to tend their gardens. They have full time gardeners willing to pick up the slack for the opportunity to shine, and reach the next rung up the ladder..

Seems a little upside-down and backwards, doesn’t it?


I mean, small business owners and managers are the backbone of America. They alone know how to make things happen. They are catalysts for change. They are action-oriented, and they create virtually all of America’s new jobs. Yet they are condemned and trampled on by the White House.

Entrepreneurs whose names are not among the self-made superstars (like Gates, Job, Carnegie, Zuckerberg, Edison, Ford, Winfrey, Ashe, Page and Brin), remain a formidable collection — 30 million of them to be more precise — and the vast majority of these still-struggling 30 million do not vacation even when they vacation.

Why is this? Because entrepreneurs are married to their ideas. With a burning desire to make their ideas work, there really is no room for prolonged or distant vacations. Yes, there are exceptions. There are entrepreneurs who travel as part of growing and nurturing their enterprises. They tack on days here and there in their travels.



But truth is that no real entrepreneur (Yeah, there some fake ones) ever makes the time to separate her or himself from her or his business long enough to sprawl on some exotic island beach or mountain resort. Who would run the business? Trusted employees, sure, but the baby is not theirs; they are simply babysitters. 

It’s not that no one else can do the work, or that no one else can do it as effectively, It’s that no one else has invested him or her self so completely in the business as the person who started it, and who probably owns most if not all of it. It’s called putting yourself on the line.

When you are on the line, “vacation” is a visit to the corner ice cream store, a day of golf or fishing, a trip to the zoo or circus or woods with the kids, keeping the spouse company on a shopping trip, Friday nights out for dinner, watching a big football game with neighbors, or coaching a Little League team.

There is much to be said for the sense of entrepreneurial loyalty and responsibility and dedication that most non-entrepreneurs fail to see and typically have no regard for. Those people, in fact, instead see only the Friday nights out for dinner and golf, fiishing, football, Little League, and fail to assimilate the lifestyle.

Entrepreneur vacations are in entrepreneur minds.


Even when they’re away, they’re checking in. Like the rabbit beating the drum in the battery commercials, entrepreneurial existences keep going and going and going. If all this sounds familiar, keep going. But eat and sleep and exercise and breathe better while you keep going.


Take more deep breaths. Take more walks. Take more time with your family, your loved ones, and your self! 


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