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Maybe you never thought


it was coming


. . . but, yes, it’s time! 


It’s time for:


“The Entrepreneur Whisperer”!

First there was Monty Roberts “The Horse Whisperer” and then Cesar Millan “The Dog Whisperer.”

And now the time has finally arrived (arriven?) for all of us who own or run a small or medium-size business or professional practice to learn some big-time sales lessons from The Entrepreneur Whisperer whose insights and advice come from those guys’ horse and dog experiences!

“Hey!,” you say, “what do animal trainers know about business?”

The answer: Probably more than we do! Keep an open mind here. Remember that open minds open doors!

Monty Roberts managed and trained wild horses by channeling their energy. A horse (by Cesar Millan’s account of Roberts’ underlying platform): “…does exactly what (a human’s) emotional communications has told it to do.”

DO read Millan’s book, Be The Pack Leader, which I highly recommend for everyone in a leadership position, even if you’re a “cat person,” even if you (hard to imagine) hate dogs!.

You will gain insights about leadership and teamwork that (except for Giuliani’s Leadership) all the textbooks on earth (including Peter Drucker’s Management, which I used for a textbook in my professor days) don’t even come close to touching.

“We as humans,”Millan says, ” have the power to turn our perceptions around and use them to our advantage.

“Instead of seeing the negative things we are used to seeing, we can choose to see something different.”

He proceeds to explain how researchers have proven that the human brain cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.


“When people who fear snakes are shown pictures of snakes,” says Millan, “sensors on their skin will detect sweat breaking out and other signs of anxiety, even if the experiment subjects don’t admit to feeling fear.” He concludes, “If you are ‘acting’ tough, but inside still feeling terrified, your dog will know it instantly. Your boss might not,” he adds, “but your dog definitely will.”

But if YOU are the boss, your employees will know whether you are coming from a position of confidence or not. So will your customers. So will your suppliers and vendors. So will your partners and investors! All of them watch everything you do, and hear everything you say, even when you least expect they’re paying attention.

“We can’t change,” says Millan, “our instinctual feelings any more than our dogs can . . . but as humans, we can change our thoughts.” This point of distinction is also illuminated by Deepak Chopra, and by Dr. Wayne Dyer in his book The Power of Intention.

The bottom line for entrepreneurs is to accept the idea of trashing your ego!

The more you cling to your ideas about who you are and the less you honor your intentions about what you are doing that is leading you to where you want to go, the lower your odds of success.

In other words, stop second-guessing yourself, stop being insulted, and stop worrying about what others think!

Believe in your ability to channel your own and others’ energy in productive pursuits.


Then do it! 



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