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From chewbones


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puppies and entrepreneurs


have a lot in common.


Having spent most of my business coaching, consulting and writing career with a dog under my desk, and most recently my beloved golden retriever who hung out there for 13 years before heading off to be with the others ahead of Barnegat, it’s been a very long time since Kathy and I have been confronted with raising a baby puppy. And this one (“Breezy”) is an entrepreneur! 

What makes me say that? He (“Breezy”) is independent, takes reasonable risks, resists authority, has a burning desire to achieve, and is constantly thinking about ways to make his ideas work! 

For us, Breezy made the reality hit home that raising a puppy is a whole lot like starting a new business. There are ups and downs and sideways movements. And adjustment stages. Both (entrepreneurs AND new puppies) need constant attenti0n, need having fresh water accessible, proper nutritional balance, minimal government interference, and need initially to be kept on a leash.

And as for leadership? Check this leadership thinking!

Still need more convincing?

They both play hard and sleep hard.

And what’s the equivalent of a: Breeder? Groomer:? Trainer? Vet? Getting all the necessary “shots”? Being a loner or part of a pack?

Aren’t new business owners as quick as puppies to commandeer squeaky toys, and earn treats?

Ah, yes, and the famous “Dog Whisperer”! Is there a “People Whisperer”? or “Entrepreneur Whisperer”?


Maybe there should be! I can think of a great many entrepreneurs who would have loved to have an authority whispering guidance in their ears. The entire experience –starting a business, raising a puppy– is like getting back to basics. Too often, both puppies and new business owners get ahead of themselves.

They whack out schedules and get too crazed to function productively. Someone needs to rein them in. It’s worth noting here that this is not generally considered much of a relationship-solidifying role for most entrepreneur spouses. Either don’t marry one, join ’em if you can’t lick ’em, or stay out of the way and get used to keeping yourself busy.

With puppies, cuteness makes up for lots of unproductive and disruptive behaviors. Cuteness may also carry some entrepreneurs great distances, but quick paper-training and house-breaking will take both puppies and entrepreneurs a great deal further in both family and public acceptance as well as in goal pursuits. It is generally true that people appreciate regularity over cuteness.    


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