Waiting for Events to Trigger Reorganization?

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How rare it is that small and medium size enterprise owners and managers have the foresight to reorganize their operations proactively. What’s that childhood message we get? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”? Well, that little rule of thumb might have been a truism when we were kids, but –in case you haven’t noticed lately– the world has changed, and so has business.

The strongholds of entrepreneurial leadership ushered in by today’s technology have actually helped to bring about business and market transformation by practicing the exact opposite credo from what many of us grew up with. Today, entire companies are devoted to the idea that “If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway!”  

And so, for the most part, in entrepreneurial ranks today, it’s the young who are the brave, who take reasonable risks — and who stand alone as representing the only real prospects for reversing our still desperately sinking economy.

But before you go rushing off to do this new jobs stuff, and leaping blindly into some expansion plan that relies on what you are NOT an expert at, remember to“stick to your knitting!”   

Only new and revitalized small entrepreneurial ventures have successfully stood the test of time as the single most monumentally significant source of new job creation.

It is this place alone that the government needs to focus some genuine (more than SBA tokenism) tax incentives to create and grow jobs.

  • FACT: Giant corporations, such as those that received bailout tax dollars, do not create jobs. They have never been a key source for job creation.

  • FACT: New government jobs are not within the legitimate realm of job creation measurement because they are inevitably “favor” jobs that serve little if any purpose, and are –second– paid for with tax dollars, which simply increases the deficit! 


So, what’s one way for an SME management team to deliver a meaningful counterattack on the purveyors of our faltering economy?  

Don’t wait for a major event to trigger reorganizational activity.

The rule here remains to always think first and act second or “Measure twice, cut once!” 

Oh, right, and choosing some action is almost always better than choosing no action.



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