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. . . Not unless you’re dumber than dirt!

OKAY, so let’s get this straight: You started your own business and/or have a new baby?

 YOU run your own business and/or you fumble through being a new parent?

NEITHER is true, but you’re thinking about one or both  endeavors? 

     “Do It Yourself” stuff may work for birthing and parenting if you are fully prepared, but–even then– you will need help from a physician or midwife and ultimately teachers and family members, not to mention online resources.


     “D.I.Y.” may also work for house renos if you have exceptional mechanical skills and/or significant demolition and construction experience, but that doesn’t mean you have what it takes to buy or sell a house without expert input at many levels… that’s what America’s two million licensed real estate agents are for.

     The same dynamics of this distinction apply in spades  to running and growing a business (and parenting)… where do you turn when you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place?

     Hopefully, you go to a knowledgeable resource you trust and are comfortable consulting with.

     Given entrepreneurial attitudes that orbit around “I can do it myself” thinking, very many ventures fail when the startup creator/innovator is absolutely 100% certain no help is needed. Established credible consultants and coaches will all tell you something like: “Don’t be cocky about your business baby unless you’re determined to tempt fate and get a firsthand lesson in humility, and perhaps bankruptcy

… if not physical and/or mental and/or emotional collapse, which could be waiting for you around the next corner. No need to fear, but there IS need to be smart!”


not close-mindedness

…is the road to success in

both parenting and business.

     Think hard about what you need to know, or do, to put your business over the top. Then exercise due diligence in finding and vetting the person, team, or service that’s affordable (as measured against financial collapse) and that has the expertise you need to prevent or turn your predicament into an asset, your problem into a solution, your stress into positive energy… your fears and doubts into enlightenment.

     Keep in mind that when you exercise this approach, you are –in fact– pursuing a D.I.Y. solution. You are finding the help you need for your SELF, on your own, and on your own terms. And that pursuit alone proves you are smarter than the norm, and much less likely to end up with a failed business with success on the horizon.


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