DAY 5 – 30 Days To The New Economy

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Your Role in History as an Entrepreneur

Low Cost, High Quality

AND Personal Service


in the New Economy

Adapted from the book 30 DAYS TO THE NEW ECONOMY

written and published by Peggy Salvatore


INTERNET JOE has cost and customer service advantages
that elude the big boys. Customers buying from YOU
—the Internet entrepreneur—in the new economy,
enjoy High Quality, Low Cost AND Personal Service.
Purchase from a major corporation yields only one of these three.


1.   HIGH QUALITY: The owner of a small Internet business is often a former employee or consultant with a large organization. That means the small Internet business is run with the same degree of expertise and quality as you get from a major player without the major price tag. When the global corporation laid off or downsized its expertise, that talent found another outlet and became INTERNET JOE.

2.   LOW COST: With a virtual retail storefront, the cost of business for Internet Joe is minimal. So the pricing of products and services through an entrepreneurial Internet business is far lower than the global enterprise that is supporting a huge infrastructure.

In fact, INTERNET ENTREPRENEURING has turned what used to be the price advantage of scale on its head. In the days of large manufacturing dominance, “bigger” meant competitive pricing due to volume. But in today’s New Economy, bigger now means more overhead and higher fixed costs.

. . . the small business entrepreneur

holds the price advantage.


3.   PERSONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE: When you buy a product or service from an Internet entrepreneur, she or he is very happy to have your business. He or she is running a little virtual store to meet your specific needs. You are his/her bread and butter so—as a customer—you get responsive and agile customer care.


. . . as your needs evolve and the Internet entrepreneur sees the evolution by staying in close personal contact, he/she can respond and change with you in lockstep.

. . . due to small size, Internet Joe (as the virtual Mom and Pop) can pivot long before large corporations can get the word that a market has changed.

It can take a large corporation a year or more to engage its strategic planning office, hire a consultancy, conduct an environmental scan, do a SWOT analysis, report to the board, and consider a change in direction.

Meanwhile, the Internet entrepreneur has been

at the customer’s side from the git-go!


Real Internet entrepreneurs are usually hungry critters. With the same kind of determination that drove their forefathers and foremothers—the Mom and Pops—they stake out their virtual storefront (get a URL), pay rent (server space), pay vendors (Internet services to run their business such as mail clients, shopping cart software, writers, graphic designers, etc.) and worry about their online enterprises 24/7.

They probably sweep their own virtual doorstep or hire the kid next door to do it. The daily sense of responsibility alone makes it a great place for customers to send their business. These small online business owners get their customers with self-determination and by NOT acting corporate.

Let’s talk more tomorrow about the

virtues of online business owners.

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