DAY 4 – 30 Days To The New Economy

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Your Role in History as an Entrepreneur 


Adapted from the book 30 DAYS TO THE NEW ECONOMY

written and published by Peggy Salvatore



Remember the Arab Spring? What was that, anyway?   People protesting for freedom, I think. People

    throwing off the shackles of oppression —
as portrayed by the press. That was the official meme.


Like King George issuing an edict to America’s colonies, the official meme was received with a jaundiced eye by the people in the middle of the action and their Internet friends around the globe.

Let’s face it. People are playing video games with other people all around the world, all the time. And global business ties keep everyone in close proximity to every-one else via Skype or a short jet hop.

Like never before in the history of the world, people get to know each other (or at least a little ABOUT each other). And it gets harder each day for an official story to go unchallenged. So it was with the Arab Spring.

As tumult rocked the Middle East, video gamers texted each other across and between continents. They started Twitter feeds. People talked about what was going on.

This dynamic affects business. At the same time as global corporations are capable of spreading influence instantaneously, so is the small on- line entrepreneur. If knowledge is power, power is no longer hierarchi- cal. Power is flat. It is matrixed. It favors the nimble.

Global corporations may be SEO and Google search engine masters. But today’s Internet entrepreneur has a real shot at reaching customers in her/his space using various networking opportunities in his/her field — darting around, past, over and under the global giants.

The average Internet Joe can connect with other Internet Joe’s and Jane’s in small to medium sized businesses and make an excellent living working for individuals who need his expertise.

Like the video game friends texting real-time human concern during the Arab Spring, personal networks have a flexibility and humanity that allow them to reach people on a level that the major players cannot.

The Internet offers small service and product providers the same, if not better, opportunities for personal service and connection to many poten- tial customers around the world as those exercised by huge multi-national corporations.

Customers benefit from low cost, high quality and personal service using Internet Joe businesses operating in the new economy.

This democratization of knowledge and power has leveled the business playing field. It has also leveled the political playing field which is, if not the same thing, something very highly related and correlated.

Just as politics attempts to control who gets what, and who decides, the proliferation of information puts control into the hands of the aver- age Internet Joe. He is the customer and the provider as the flattened power matrix envelopes everyone with an Internet connection.

From this vantage point, new products and services are being develop-  ed in a way that is not just close to the customer, but are being develop- ed in conjunction WITH the customer!

And with Internet Joe now everywhere, all the time, the New Economy transcends borders, nations and politics.

C’mon back MONDAY 9/14 for Day 5 to find out
how this impacts commerce.

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