DAY 2 – 30 Days To The New Economy

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Your Role in History as an Entrepreneur 




Adapted from the book 30 DAYS TO THE NEW ECONOMY written and published by Peggy Salvatore

Building an online business in the new economy? So you’re a “frontier pioneer.” You’ve figuratively hitched your horse to your wagon and joined the wagon train.


Can you imagine yourself in 1840 America, heading west to the new frontier, searching for gold? Time and space have changed, but the challenges remain.

When I started my consulting career 20 years ago, I took a small pro- ject assignment at the University of Pennsylvania helping the develop- ment office build its first website. I took some html classes there as part of the job to write the website content. The Penn Development Depart- ment built the first donor recognition site in the world. In the world. The first.

  • As part of the job, I had to investigate whether we could get digital rights to legendary opera singer Marion Anderson’s recording library. I discussed the intellectual property challenges of this endeavor with the Music Department of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, one of the places where these questions were first considered.
  •  I talked with attorneys who were still working out how much of a copyrighted work we could republish online before violating the owners’ rights. Seriously. Lawyers were just beginning to entertain those ideas in the late 20th Century.
  •  Then sometime around the end of that assignment, we got wind of some amazing new software that allowed me to build the website without inserting the html coding. I saw Windows for the first time. Since we were rounding the last bend of that project, I never actually benefited from these new technologies but we saw the changes coming.

The point is that, at times, I’ve watched the development of the Internet as more than just an innocent bystander. I’ve had some hands-on glimpses of where we started not that long ago. From that vantage point, and considering where we are today, I believe that—as the old song goes—“we’ve only just begun” to develop the new economy.

Are you here? Or are you there?


In the last few years we’ve hit an inflection point that is allowing the Internet to take the world economy in a new direction. People far more Internet savvy than I am are talking about this in much more sophisticated ways.

My purpose here is to encourage.

The online small business entrepreneur needs to go get her or his horse, hitch up, and join the wagon train. Getting into the Internet wagon train business space now is like buying gold at $390 an ounce… you think it can’t go any higher, but you’ll be wrong!

If you are weighing whether to offer your products and services online to a global marketplace from your own virtual storefront, consider it $390 an ounce gold.

Or step back one more historical notch

to where we began this DAY 2 article:

Close your eyes a minute, take a deep breath.
Can you “see” yourself panning for gold from
the back of your Conestoga wagon while your
happy horse camps out by the river?

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