DAY 1 – 30 Days To The New Economy

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Your Role in History as an Entrepreneur


Adapted from the book 30 DAYS TO THE NEW ECONOMY

written and published by Peggy Salvatore

Fantastical Journey

Watching the world from your computer? Isn’t it a fantastical place? Nimble entrepreneurs in the Internet economy are zigging while major corporations are zagging. Zigging is the new orange.


Anyone still zagging, who is stuck in the old paradigm, is feeling the dislocation and loss. Those who are still trying to restore large, lumber- ing, industrial manufacturing entities, or even trying to keep alive a monetary system based on physical representations of value, are going to feel like things are coming apart at the seams.

So, is the world economy coming apart at the seams?
Nah! It’s just shifting gears!

Customer experience is driving this new economy. Those who are zigging are responding to their potential markets in massively impress- ive ways… from a platform of inquisitiveness that is part of a burgeon- ing online conversation among techies, marketers, leadership gurus and innovators of all stripes. Learning is no longer “one-way.”

This is YOUR Time to Build


Internet entrepreneurs are building the new economy with instant responses to real customers on the ground all around the world in real time. Many are brilliant and amazing. Some are even generous.

The “spontaneous combustion” of the New Economy is leaving many in its tracks who don’t know how to run a business. And problems must be solved instantaneously now.

But help IS available, lots of it, online—and much of it for free—including apps and resources that offer excellent education and great content. For the monthly price of access to a service provider, anyone can learn, have, do, or know just about anything or anyone, 24/7.

I used to wonder how that business model will survive. The bust at the turn of the 21st Century appeared to signal that online businesses could not be monetized. In retrospect, that was wrong. People figured out how to make online businesses profitable. Given motivation, inspired humans will find a way to make money doing anything. Ask PT Barnum.

For the last nine months, I have been studying the Internet economy and many of the entrepreneurs who are building it. My quest started in an attempt to figure out how they fit into a business plan. That began a fantastic journey. I discovered quite quickly that there is a phenomenal amount of highly valuable free information available in the form of extremely well-done training: Free Webinars; Free E-books; Free Podcasts; Free Every-imaginable-kind-of-thing-you-want-to-know!

I dedicated my pursuit to consuming as much information as possible. Online content has led me to a new crop of physical books and seminars as well. So, while it isn’t all virtual, the virtual environment is the glue that holds all the physical pieces together. And here are just some of the disciplines I’ve been exploring:

• Business Development and Entrepreneurship
• Internet Business Structure and Technology
• Personal and Professional Growth
• Markets, Marketing, and Management Leadership
• Blogging, Podcasting, Webinar and E-book development
• Motivational and Spiritual underpinnings of business success

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NOTE FROM PEGGY: WILL YOU PARTNER WITH HAL ALPIAR AND ME? This is just the first of 30 Days’ worth of prompting, provoking, igniting, and seeking YOUR input and ideas for Building the New Economy!

Please join the conversation in the comment section and tell us:

??  What’s YOUR contribution to the New Economy? (Talk about YOUR business pursuits!)

??  What do you think of “Corporate Entrepreneurship”© (Training/Coaching Corporate Executives to THINK like entrepreneurs)?

??  We want to know YOUR part in building a new, integrated, humane world… (On the Internet and through your own business).

??  And what’s YOUR sticking point? (What’s keeping you from where YOU want to go?)

When you need some personal, one-on-one coaching beyond the Internet offerings, give us a call. (Direct line numbers on masthead above.) In the meantime, follow us HERE for FREE for the next 29 days to see what others think, and discover some of the surprise findings we have in store for you—new and proven “mental apps” to apply to your own entrepreneurial and business development!

See you here tomorrow 9/9 for Day 2.

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