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Your Role In History As An Entrepreneur

Internet Stardom

Adapted from the book 30 DAYS TO THE NEW ECONOMY written and published by Peggy Salvatore


In that relatively innocent new era of radio and television, 1960s, pop art hero Andy Warhol was credited with saying that “Everyone gets their 15 minutes of  fame!” [Below: Andy Warhol self-portrait poster]

Andy Warhol self-portrait

At times–for a population that mostly grew up, with “noses to the grindstone,” laboring at survival jobs–Warhol’s quote seemed both outrageous and yet almost true. After all, we all know (and probably knew even in those days) people who’ve been interviewed by the media. Even your sister might be approached by a reporter holding a microphone while she’s walking her dog in the park.

But before the Internet–when Warhol made his assumptive prediction (predictable assumption?)–you still had to get through a few filters, no matter how thin, before grabbing your 15 minutes! Those filters might be a newspaper reporter covering a fire, a television producer looking for contestants or a book publisher searching for the next Gone With The Wind.

Contrast all that with today. INTERNET JOE***is not subject to filters . . . except his own. Under his own volition, Internet Joe can get a URL with his, put up a video on YouTube and publicize it to the world on Facebook and Twitter. Internet stardom is wholly within one’s personal discretion. And except for the $5 a month for the cost of a website, all this stardom is free.

***[See series posts from Day 5 and DAY 6 to get better acquainted with “Internet Joe.”]

For the average self-absorbed teenager or aspiring garage rock band, imagine the possibilities. No, even better: activate the possibilities! Surf Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to see what the unfiltered masses look like and how they behave. Then ponder for a moment the value of filters (professionals with judgment) and decide what is realistically worthy of public attention. Might educated, critical judgment have a place in this cacophony?

Just for fun, turn that last paragraph on its head. Go ahead and surf Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to see what the unfiltered masses consider valuable. But then stop for a moment and ponder the hurdles that professional filters create. By appointing themselves moderators of public taste and morés, the professionals with judgment (corporations and governments) had the pre-Internet power to determine the direction of humanity. People were driven into moral and cultural cattle chutes. The cows are free.

             Marilyn Monroe by 1960’s pop artist Andy Warhol

Marilyn Monroe by 1960's pop artist Andy Warhol

Big-time TV and movie stars were the people who made it through the process, whatever that was. Internet stars are people who choose to put themselves out as a brand. In the areas of business, entertainment and even just average-Joe-dom, people who are branding themselves and their names are having massive success making themselves Internet stars. The personal face and name as a brand exudes trust that has great value in the oceans of information out there.

People who are willing to put their smiling visage on their emails and website create a sense of trust among customer and strategic partnership prospects, as well as referral bases and networkers. (Would you do business with a social media ghosted silhouette profile image instead of a real face?) Trust breeds business. It always has and it always will. Internet stardom means success for Internet Joe.

We do business with people, not pixels, but

 photos of faces start us on the right track.


Have you branded yourself? Do people know what you look like? And do people know your story? Do they know what you think? Or do they at least think they know what you think? Can they “hear” your voice?

If your answers are yes to these questions, you are a brand . . . and you are well on the way to Infinity!

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C’mon back MONDAY 9/21 for Day 10 to see if you match up with the 4 critical characteristics of successful entrepreneurs!

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