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Your Role in History as an Entrepreneur




Adapted from the book 30 DAYS TO THE NEW ECONOMY written and published by Peggy Salvatore


Whether you are a young entrepreneur, a mid-career professional right-sized out of a corporate job or a boomer taking the slow road to retirement, there has never been a better time to strike out on your own.

You have the freedom to live the life you want to live in ways that were unimaginable even a half century ago!


By building this life for yourself, you are also making similar lives possible for people everywhere because you are contributing to building the web of commerce that is becoming the New Economy.

Online businesses provide virtually everything – virtually. Even most physical products have online availability or an Internet gateway. At times, I risk belaboring the obvious but I do so to build a foundation for you who are reading this book-adapted blog post to appreciate both the pace of change and the promise of this accelerating opportunity.

If something can be had, it can be found,
purchased and delivered using the Internet.


With this kind of limitless opportunity, it is clear that the Internet entrepreneur can carve out a niche for her or himself no matter his or her background or experience. Do you garden? Blog, write an E-book, post photos, host webinars, offer online advice.

Were you a marketing executive before your company was acquired and you were offered a severance package? Your skills are very valuable as you apply your expertise to the new products, services, customers and markets opening up.
Are you a mechanic specializing in vintage cars? Start a YouTube channel where you demonstrate restoration techniques, sell parts, host a forum and do it all behind a pay wall where car enthusiasts buy a membership to access your exclusive group members and your expertise.
Spiritual gurus, leadership mentors, management experts, personal coaches and business development educators are growing a large consulting niche to aid entrepreneurs finding their way as business owners in this environment.

If you want to know how to choose a product or service to offer for sale, how to package it, where to find customers, how to appeal to them and how to set up the mechanics of a virtual business, there is an army of experts who have developed models you can adopt.

Because the New Economy is truly a frontier right now, many of the opportunities are exactly in the kinds of products and services needed to build the model.

The business model itself is not yet established.


When colonists set out for the Western American frontier in the mid-19th Century, they set out from several specific points of departure where merchants had set up stores that specialized in the goods they would need for their travel. You found blacksmiths and dry goods grocers, wagon makers and tool suppliers.

This particular point in time is the same kind of point of departure for the New Economy – it is not a physical location but a virtual one, reflecting the nature of the venture and adventure.

Rack servers, website designers and content creators are the kinds of businesses you will find at your point of departure as you venture out into the Internet frontier.

It may at times feel like we have already arrived. But don’t be fooled. Given the possibilities envisioned by futurists with a solid grounding in technology, physics, chemistry and biology, the actual destination of this trek is not visible from our vantage point. When we think we’ve arrived because we encounter a huge market, let me suggest it is the Mississippi River, not the Pacific Ocean.

[For non-US readers, the Mississippi River is a wide body of water that is considered to divide the United States in half geographically. When you’ve reached it, while it appears impressive, you’re not quite halfway across the continent.]


With most of the opportunities still undiscovered, as you decide the products and services you can offer as an Internet entrepreneur, let your decision be guided by your imagination.

Trust your instincts.

Study the terrain. Steadily roll along. You will discover what lies ahead and be among the first, even when it doesn’t seem that you are.

And, above all, stay close to your customers! They will tell you what’s up ahead. Think of your customers as expert guides, and trust what they do and say and request because they will lead the way.

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C’mon back TOMORROW 9/17 for Day 8 and what will likely be your first trip–ever–to INFINITY!

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