DAY 13 – 30 Days To The New Economy

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Your Role In History As An Entrepreneur


Adapted from the book 30 DAYS TO THE NEW ECONOMY written and published by Peggy Salvatore


Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. Actually, leadership of any sort is not for the weak-kneed, and taking this trip into the new frontier requires stamina and hard work. Risk-taking is at the core of starting a business and putting your time, resources and reputation on the line. To move forward taking resources and reputation along for the ride certainly requires an adventuresome spirit.

A Master Key to successful business

is to take calculated risks.


Taking calculated (reasonable) risks means both your experience and your instincts kick in when you make a decision. Like Indiana Jones when he stepped off the cliff into thin air, entrepreneurs have an instinct–a sixth sense–that when they take that footstep into the sky, a footbridge will appear.

Internet Joe [See DAY 5, DAY 6, and DAY 9 in this series of posts] understands the difference between adventuresomeness and foolhardiness.

He is adventurous. He is willing to spend enormous amounts of time and money (often investor money) to initiate and implement his creative vision. He is building a business and making promises to customers that he will be there to deliver on his promises. He is also promising employees they can count on him and that it is safe to bet some of their life and livelihood participating in his vision.

Internet Joe is not careless, though.

He is backed by a good (though probably not “formal”) business plan . . . it may just be scribbled on the back of an envelope! But he will for sure have at least a professional grounding in what he is doing.

As I mentioned earlier in this blog-adaption series, Internet Joe probably landed on his own after a stint at a major corporation. He has a finely-honed sense of quality and what it takes to build his vision. The adventure is taking on both planned and unforeseen opportunities to execute it in a whole new way — serve new markets, create products and services, and uncover new revenue streams where none existed.

If he has venture capital or crowdsourced income, people have already vetted his credentials. So the risk may have a stronger likelihood of an upside for investors than backing a relative unknown venture or creator, but working with other people’s money invested because they believe in someone or the idea puts stress on entrepreneur shoulders.

Regardless of whether a venture is investor-backed or self-funded, it is critical to regularly step back from the idea workbench to execute good judgment and seek the advice of close associates moving forward. Successful business development always reduces itself to being an authentic boss!

In either case, at the core, Internet Joe is taking some risk. Many ventures are well-vetted by professional investors, many people build businesses based on solid skills, and yet the annals of business are littered with failures within the first two years. More than half fail in the first five years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics . . . and this is likely understated.

Soooooooo, “The Force” may “be with you,” but the odds are not, and your success is clearly not guaranteed . . . at least the first time around.


BEST BET: Pepper your adventuresomeness with

calculated, educated, realistic, well-advised

moves to increase your chances for success.

But don’t let all that practical good sense dampen your adventuresome spirit. Hey! Who knows where you’ll end up?

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