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10 Steps, 7 Ways, 6 Things, 3 Mistakes






I mean, there ARE just so many hours in the day and I have to sleep SOME time. And it makes me get insomnia-crazed having to use my calculator app to find out the hocus-pocus number of items I need to deal with, places I have to go, people I need to trample over in order to achieve business career nirvana.

Is there no one left out there in the blogosphere or social media world who can simply write about sharing valuable experiences without reminding me how bad I was in high school math, or trying to impress me (or themselves) that they are all-knowing?

“Seriously?” you ask. Hey! You doubt me? Just look around: 6 of these, 7 of those, THE 3 critical . . .

You need not even stray away from LinkedIn. Click around. You’ll find plenty of self-appointed business guru posts that will quickly lead you stumbling into record numbers of things you must do, think, say, not do, not think, not say in order to:
• Be Successful,
• Be A Great Boss,
• Be A Great Employee,
• Give Great Service,
• Make Great Sales,
• Win Great Promotions,
• Stop Smoking,
• Lose More Weight,
• Gain More Weight,
• Lift More Weights
• Stop Drinking,
• Stop Drooling,

• . . . Or, Lose Out On,
• Or, Become A Failure.

Starting to remind you of Junk E-Mail?

Ever since 7/11, and the 7 Habits stuff, and 7th heaven, and the 7 Dwarfs, and the 7 senses (counting “non” and “common”), Americans have become hopelessly obsessed with the magic of “7”—and now, we pounce on any/all small numbers of points one needs to heed in order to achieve virtually anything.

I mean, when did you last read an article headline about the 14,763 steps to effective leadership? Or the 1,529 changes you can make today to get promoted tomorrow?

Oh, and, of course, these are inevitably accompanied by side effects warnings that include loss of life and limb and that if you die from it, you can join a class-action suit with the Legal Beagle Law Firm. Aaaack!

Okay, you’re still stuck on small numbers of things to do to be a superstar? Well, here they are. They work for EVERY one regardless of age or physical condition. And they’re Free. Enjoy:

1. BREATHE more deeply, more often every day!

2. Remember that everything you do or say is a CHOICE or the result of a choice!

3. Be FEARLESS in your attitude, but keep your mind focused in the “here and now” as much of the time as possible, because the past is over and can’t be changed, and the future has not yet come, and may never. Expectations breed disappointment.

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