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The sky is WHAT?

The Sky Is Falling

Ever anticipate disaster landing on your shoulders? Crushing your pursuits? Asteroids taking out your accomplishments? Business owners, entrepreneurs—even corporate muckity mucks—are vulnerable to feeling like the walls are closing in, like the sky is falling.


Maybe a competitor kicked your butt when you least expected it? Or the IRS or Labor Department or OSHA or some lawyer is breathing down your neck? An unexpected death or diagnosis in your family? Your spouse acting antsy? Kids everywhere seem headed for outer space? People around you sneering more and smiling less?

Well, “HOO-HA!” as Al Pacino once declared. Truth is (with apologies to “Chicken Little”) that the sky is NOT falling. And, uh, maybe you’re watching too much “news.”

OK, you say, but continue to ask yourself: Why can’t I have that wonderful world I hear about in old songs . . . that wonderful life that fills the screen in old movies?

VOILA! POOF! ABRACADABRA! PRESTO CHANGE-O! You can have that wonderful world and wonderful life! But it won’t be called “old” or “past.” We waste tons of energy dwelling on the past — nonproductive fantasizing that’s done and over and can’t be changed. Take what lessons you can from old/past stuff, then get over it!

Oh, and guess what? It won’t be called “future” either. Plan all you like, but don’t let it turn to worry! Just like dwelling on the past, worrying about the future is nonproductive fantasizing too! Worry distracts us in a negative way from accomplishing, going forward. And plans that become expectations breed disappointment.

“The sky is falling!” is a worrisome, but unrealistic warning (vs. for example, “The British Are Coming!” galloping cries from Paul Revere).paul revere on horsebackThe point is that few, if any, past or future incidents have the ability to unravel us in the present . . . unless we CHOOSE for that to happen.

Staying tuned in to the present is the challenge. LISTEN TO YOUR HEART (Song #7 at this link) . Feel your heart. Feel your pulse. Feel your breathing. Those are the three most immediate “here and now” things happening in your life right this very split second as you read this. stopwatchSo the secret IS:

Can you work harder at disciplining your mind to pay closer attention to your heartbeats, pulse, breaths when you begin to feel upset or worried or start dwelling on past experiences? And that too is a choice.

Choosing the present moment as often as you can is just as easy as choosing past dwelling or future worrying, so why choose to make your life harder? Are you breathing?

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