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 You been takin’ the train to less stress and strain, but the holidays got in your way? An’ now you’re just tired, maxed out and wired… and the bookkeeper tells you you’re broke? Just cha-ching up the big bucks on Visa and PayPal then go find an invisibility cloak!


Yes-sir-ee-bob! It’s that time again, only this year most small businesses (maybe 20,000,000 or 25,000,000 out of 30,000,000?) are juggling numbers just to stay alive. And if that sounds even a little bit familiar, it may be time to seriously consider changing your usual holiday habits . . . modify them or let ’em go! 

If you thought you were headed into a blog lecture on cutting back your food. beverage, tobacco and drug intake, and that you were going to get another speech on yoga, deep breathing, egg whites, broccoli, sleeping eight hours, jogging in place, and counting to 10 when you feel upset, rest assured you can keep reading.

Let’s say you’re one of those hot-shot entrepreneurs who feels the need to go to exorbitant lengths to prove your business prowess by doling out a few tons of gifts to relatives, friends, employees, and customers you want to impress. Ha! Stop right there! Rein in your fantasyland generosity. Replace it with reality. Get your brain in gear!

Reality is: misappropriated gifting and charity (however well-intentioned) can strangle your ability to be truly giving and charitable. In other words, give from a position of strength. And if you’re not there, don’t push it!

If you choke off or compromise your own resources, you limit your ability to make a difference. Yes, everyone wants or needs more. But the more you give, the more you’d better have to start with, or you end up with no more.

First off, giving is not about dollar value, it’s about thoughtfulness. Gift cost doesn’t impress people as much as gift matching the recipient. This is kind of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of gift-giving. Every great leader will tell you that–on the job– nothing motivates as well as matching rewards with true needs of each individual.

Well, with gift-giving, nothing pleases like a gift that “fits” the receiver. Giving something that’s INexpensive but that fits somone’s personal interests makes a statement that you care more than a gift that costs ten times as much but has no personal appeal. [Where do you store all those old wedding gift bowls and vases and . . .? ]

There’s never a need to try to buy your way into the favor of others (if there is, you might want to start trading off friends and family for others who simply appreciate you for who you are). This is especially true at a time when the only positive economic indicators are coming from the White House and media talking heads.

Don’t let limited financial resources limit your wisdom, or your ability to expend more effort pleasing others than trying to impress them.


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