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If you are in the process


 of change (who isn’t?)


  …you may need this.



Whether you’ve been out of work for a prolonged period, busy being a house-mom, or giving birth, or just searching for a new job, or a new business to start, the needs that you have to get yourself re-oriented to the reality of your new or re-newed existence can seem overwhelming — highly challenging, at best.

Consider yourself something of a catastrophic illness patient on the road to recovery. Huh? Well, sure. What you must face is not much different than the sacrifices you need to make –including the life-change attitudes you adopt  and adjust yourself to– than those you might experience in a healthcare recovery or rehab program.

The bottom line for all of these incidents, and for bosses and associates who are trying to help others through transition experiences:



Patience? Yes! It is, we’re told, “a virtue” (whatever that is), and it always accompanies successful attempts to get better, lose weight, exercise, think more clearly, act more decisively, find a job, return to a job, start or re-start a career, run a household, run a business, establish a brand/logo/slogan/theme/message, improve your outlook.

Does it mean you need to come to a screeching halt, and slow down your normally faster-paced thoughts and actions? Perhaps, but probably not. It means recognizing that anxious and impatient and worrisome feelings are your choice, and that you can just as easily choose to stay in total control of your behavior, words and deeds.

This can be accomplished with help (Physical, Occupational, Speech and Psycho Therapists) or with support groups/teams (like family, friends, neighbors, co-workers) or (not recommended) on your own. Trying to be your own therapist inevitably takes longer and decreases your odds for success. Ask any shrink!

All of us need help from others at different times in our lives. HOW we receive and apply that generosity and assistance from others holds the key to how rapidly we recover or become re-oriented to the reality of our lives and careers.

Remember that if you own or run a business, you are different, your re-orientation needs and the period of re-orientation time involved will be different than those of someone with re-orientation needs who works with or for you. And under the circumstances, you must also be patient. Each of us is unique in every way.

Accepting help from others is supposed to be a gracious act according to sources as diverse as Hollywood and the Bible, but these events are often filled with vindictiveness, irritability, frustration, jealousy, and feelings of incompetence. There may be no easy solutions, but raising awareness for all involved helps all involved.

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