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Welcome to the world’s first SMALL BIZ Alphabet Series of blog posts!










Well, there you go. Stumped for the first time about which topic to focus on, so if it’s okay with you, we’ll explore a little of each, and hope to hit on a button or two that piques your interest.



What’s in a name? 


For an entrepreneur, practically everything that’s needed to get off on the right foot because the name explains the business… or practically nothing because the name is so whimsical or ill-thought-out that it takes an army of interpreters to clarify what the new venture is all about. Word differences make a difference.
I’m not discounting exceptions. I mean, who knew that some genius would come up with “Nike” and turn it into a household name? But the issue goes much deeper than the one in probably a trillion (good number these days, eh?) names that say nothing about the product or service and that succeeds in spite of itself.
The strength or weakness of a business name in communicating the nature of the business, and hopefully the unique strength of it as well, speaks volumes about the innovative business savvy and creative spirit of the founder. And in many cases, this impression translates directly into sales.


RECOMMENDATION: When you think you’ve come up with the world’s greatest business, product, or service name, odds are it’s not. Bite the bullet: go to an expert in creative marketing and branding. Pay what you’ll likely think is an obscene amount and let that person or team tweak your creation or come up with a better one. Then test it!



Nearsightedness? What’s that all about? 


Looking at things too closely. Attention to detail is one thing, analyzing issues to death is quite another. It’s what paralyzes government agencies and mega-corporations and prevents risk-taking which prevents growth opportunities and discourages innovation.
This (business nearsightedness) is an especially destructive path when it takes attention away from the present to delve into the mysterious and unchangeable “who-did-what-to-whom” past. Dwelling on what’s over and done wastes time, energy and money. Worrying about the future which hasn’t yet come (and may never) is just as bad.


RECOMMENDATION: If you can’t see what’s going on right in front of your face every hour of your workday, get your eyes examined. If new or upgraded glasses don’t help, get your head examined. Choosing for your mind to drift too often or too far into the history books or the Twilight Zone doesn’t serve to get the job at hand done, or done right.



Negotiations? Every situation is different, sooo?


Yes, every situation is indeed different. And there’s never any telling what to expect from someone on the other side of the desk or table. So, Rule One, is get up from behind the desk and sit without furniture barriers between you (clipboards work wonders in these settings). With a table, sit on the same side.
If you’re in someone else’s territory, simply ask if the person(s) would mind sitting away from desk interruptions, and be able to use the couch or the chairs with nothing between them or a small table (or a restaurant, or golf course). The trick is to not get yourself locked into a physical setting that puts you on edge or at a disadvantage.


 RECOMMENDATION: Be yourself. If someone “buys” you when you’re trying to be someone you’re not, you will be expected to deliver what the someone you’re not is imagined to be capable of. Think on that one for a minute.



What’s “Neighborship”? Sounds unbusinesslike, like something from Mr. Rogers or Sesame Street.


One answer is that both Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street have taught millions of people better entrepreneur lessons than Harvard Graduate School of Business has ever even come close to, but that we tend to forget a lot of the values communicated in our younger days. The best answer is to click here for a dedicated link to the subject.


RECOMMENDATION: Tune in here tomorrow for “O” — Happy Trails!

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